I over the last year or so have really enjoyed clicking on that purple icon, yes the one that some people think is one of the useless apps on iPhones. I think it really needs to be given more credit.

I usually turn to it at the end of the night when I need to wind down… it’s the time when I find I am a bit more alert. Sounds silly but it wouldn’t sink in first thing I’d still be in a zombie state.

Anyways…. I have 10 on my list – a nice round number to suggest so here goes.

download (4)1.  IS IT JUST ME

This is Glamours podcast which includes one Celebrity on each episode. The topics they talk about absolutely allsorts nothing is ever off limits so if you don’t have an open mind don’t click. Its usually every Tuesday and today it’s Leona Lewis.

download (5)2.  HAPPY PLACE

This is Fearne Cottons new podcast that only launched yesterday (5th March). She is going to be talking to familiar faces /voices in this case and find out where their happy place is and what their happiness in life. It was a double bill of Dawn French and then an episode also with Tom Daly. You won’t want to miss your Monday fix of Fearne ever again. I am a big fan of hers anyway so this is just fab.

1200x630bb (1)3 .  THIS WEEK

I have followed Sarah for ages on Youtube and I understand her surnames Rocksdale but on here she is under Sarah Ragsdale. She’s such an upbeat and positive person and it really comes across in her podcasts.  She shares things like how to unwind after a stressful day, a fresh start and forgiveness amongst loads of other topics. She uploads her episodes on a Tuesday so go subscribe and also check out her youtube channel too.

download (6)4.  CTRL ALT DELETE

You probably have seen Emma’s book online if not read it well she has a podcast too. I have only just recently just subscribed to her podcast and it looks like she used to do podcasts as far back as 2016 and is starting them back up again so I can’t say when her next one will be but her latest one was the end of February so keep your eyes peeled. They are full of discussions on things like failure, comparing yourself, not following a herd as shes put it.

KatHorrocks_PutYourselfFirst_PodcastArtwork5.  PUT YOURSELF FIRST

Kat Horrocks is an online entrepreneur who empowers women and really keeps you in a positive mindset the whole time you are listening to her. I discovered her last year on youtube and when she announced in December she was doing a podcast I thought awesome so she is now in my library to catch up on as she does two podcasts one on a Monday and one on a Friday.

download (8)6.  FROM THE HEART

Rachael better known as Yoga girl has had her podcast a whole year and I can’t believe I haven’t come across her sooner. Her podcasts are so inciteful as she reveals her take on the topic of the week and also has a guest in aswell to talk it through with. Its such an easy listening series and she uploads on a Friday. So if you are into more personal podcasts look no further.

Own_Your_Journey_Podcast_Art-min7.ON YOUR JOURNEY

Jamie Michelle started her podcast journey just over a month ago. she talks about how to have your healthiest, happiest best life and isn’t that what we all want? The length of her podcasts are about 15-20 mins so perfect if you are one of those people that don’t want to listen to an hour-long one then Jamie is your girl. Monday is when you can catch a new episode.

download (7)8.  THE ANXIETY PODCAST

If like me you suffer from anxiety you would have looked on the web for all possibilities of coping mechanisms or cures. Tim Collins has nearly 3 years worth of episodes on his podcast of some tips on how to cope and manage your anxiety effectively. Whatever your anxiety dilemma there is an episode to help you. Make sure on a Wednesday you listen in and have a flick back at all his other available episodes.


This is a personal growth and lifestyle design podcast so if you are looking to improve any aspect of your life then Aileens spanking new podcast which launched this Sunday just gone will hopefully be of some help. She has a really lovely softly spoken voice and I adore her on Youtube so I will keep my fingers crossed for her success here.

download (9)10.  THE MINDFUL KIND

I know not everyone understands mindfulness, but listening to one of Rachael Kables episodes on The Mindful Kind which are no longer than 10mins you will soon understand the concept of it,  and how it can help you in everyday life. Her last episode was talking about mindful studying, so all you students out there may benefit from that one. Catch her episodes every Thursday.

Thanks for reading and I hope that you will maybe listen in to one of the podcasts mentioned.

If you have any recommendations feel free to comment below.

Til next time…



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