2 years gone

Yesterday marked a very important day. The day that my life was given back to me and I could have a better outlook on my 30s and beyond.

My bladder was removed, vacated my body and to never be seen again. In return I was given a stoma and a bag to use as the new way of having a wee. At the beginning it was a little tough as I didn’t have all the answers I needed at that specific time, luckily there is a Facebook group for people just like me.

I also had to have another op in January 2020 to make my stoma more functional as the original op was 10 hours and they had to do the best they could. So it was a revision last year I guess.

Now 2 years down the line I am so bloody happy. I am fully accepting of this way of life. I don’t need to worry about it too much just to be vigilant of when the bag is getting full so I can go empty.

The weird feeling is that I never know when I’m having a wee oh and standing up to go took a bit of getting used to but it’s just my norm now.


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