20 things you need to start doing

This is not a list of how to simplify your life it’s more of a how to make the best of a day and make it go more your way.

I’ve come up with 20 things I think will help you each day to have a great one so let’s get into them ( grab a pen and some paper ) feel free to copy and paste into a word document or your notes for future reference.

  1. Make your bed as soon as you get up, it’ll make your room look more put together and you won’t want to hop back in – (resist temptation)
  2. A glass of water first then tea or coffee. The water is kinder on your kidneys first thing and it’s an easy way to get fluid into you quickly.
  3. Set yourself 10 minutes each day to just be – whether you meditating, praying or journaling what comes to mind.
  4. Have a quick browse of the news on whatever app you get it from so you know what others are on about should it come up in conversation
  5. Wear something that makes you feel like you’re ready to conquer the world. Confidence will ooze out of you.
  6. Listen to uplifting music/podcasts that will get you in the mood for the day or whatever’s activities you have planned.
  7. Smile at least 2 people each day, you never know who’s day you will have made. If you don’t see anyone, walk past the mirror twice and smile.
  8. Look in the mirror and love at least one thing about yourself, the next day find something else you like about yourself. Self reflection will become self love.
  9. Call or message someone you love. It’s a wonderful feeling receiving it but you’ll feel a sense of warmth and happiness doing it in return.
  10. Eat food that makes you feel good. If you are on a diet give yourself a treat day/moment. Never deny something that makes you feel good.
  11. Make lists of things you need to accomplish for the day. Cut them down into small doable tasks and tackle them one by one.
  12. Stretch it out. Whether it’s doing a spot of yoga or pilates or just led on the floor or your bed stretching out each part of your body will leave you with less tension.
  13. Have a place on your phone where you store positive quotes that you can add to and go to when you are in need of that pick me up.
  14. Carry water with you and a healthy snack. Your body need nourishment throughout the day it can’t live on unhealthy things alone.
  15. shut your phone off for an hour and have some me time. It won’t harm you to just put your phone out of reach and be technology free. It’ll all still be there after.
  16. Take a hot shower/ bath after a stressful day. Everyone deserves time to unwind and have a relaxing soak. Leave those problems outside the bathroom door.
  17. Make some plans to do something with someone at least once a week. We all deserve a social life no matter how hectic life is. Make some memories.
  18. Think of 3 things you are grateful for each day. These things are what some people may yearn for so think yourself lucky for all you have.
  19. Before you go to sleep ( 30 mins before ) dim the lights, find something relaxing to do that doesn’t involve your phone/ tv. You need to get your body ready to rest.
  20. Sleep naked whenever you can – Believe me, it will give your body time to breathe after being cooped up in clothes all day.

Let me know which one is your favourite.

See you tomorrow and Happy Monday


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