Month: September 2016

One of the best face masks yet

montagne-jeunesse-7th-heaven-black-seaweed-peel-off-mask-reviewEvery Sunday night i like to give my face a bit of TLC and whilst out shopping in the week i spotted this Black Seaweed Peel Off Mask. At the grand price of 95p in wilkos i thought why not give it a try.

Applying it was a dream no mess apart from a few drips in the sink that was easily washed away with water. i kept it on during my bath, though singing with it on felt a tad weird but it coudnt be helped šŸ™‚

i find peeling a face mask off so satisfying and more so when i had the results underneath. My face felt so smooth so no need for the usual moisturising and my face was glowing lovely.

I love the 7th Heaven Range i grab a variety of them each time i see them in the shop. Wilkinsons and Boots do them i know .

By far the best face mask yet and for under a pound you can’t go wrong.

The answer is always Shopping


You know when you have had one of the worst days, nothings gone right and no matter what you try to do to put it right works out either. Well that’s when Retail therapy comes in very handy. You needn’t sit in a therapists chairĀ telling themĀ all your woes for an hour you could be in a shop or five. Nobody to say so how do you feel about that. Once you get in that shop it will be i feel fabulous… what woes?


There is never a wrong time to go shopping. The shops in town are shut…That’s ok, grab your phone or laptop enable Wi-Fi and away you go. Getting lost on the wonderful online shops for hours on end. Putting things on wish lists and in baskets and then finally deciding sod it, lets have it all.

17eadfa97ef55d421bb82ef8dc79b54eThere is the annoying bit where you have to wait in most of the day for your parcel to arrive but when it does and you are there opening it its like a present to yourself. It instantly makes you happy of course until it doesn’t fit and then the fun of shopping starts all over again.


So if your ever feeling a little or a lot bit shite, go off shopping and by the end of it I can assure you you’ll be feeling alright šŸ™‚

20 things you don’t know about me


  1. For talent Tuesday at junior school I played the recorder with my nose to the whole school, I some how don’t think it would be Britains got talent worthy. The Queen would think i was very ill mannered.
  2. I got my one and only tattoo when my dad was in a coma ( itā€™s a H on my tummy for Holly) so hoping when he came back around he would remember what the H meant. Bless my dad, he did šŸ™‚
  3. If I am lucky and not very heavily made up I can still get on the bus for a 15 year old, thatā€™s 15 years younger than my ageā€¦saving the pennies and all that.
  4. I failed science at school because I was too busy swooning over my teacher. Wish I had listened to him instead of looking at him.
  5. I have suffered with a stutter since the age of 5, some of you will have noticed it and some never will. Itā€™s a nervous thing.
  6. The reason I talk so much is because I hate awkward silences it makes me feel anxious.
  7. I have never been abroad, the furthest I have been is to Margate.
  8. I took singing lessons but I am out of practise now. I did used to be quite good.
  9. I remember kissing my friend once in her bedroom her mum caught us. We couldn’t exactly say to her we were just growing up and experimenting.
  10. I sung for Michael Eavis at a karaoke competition and won Ā£80
  11. I have emetaphobia even the word sick makes me go funny
  12. When it comes to relationships I don’t have a type, if I like you I like you
  13.  If you can’t find me in a shop look in the stationary aisle
  14.  I first became obsessed with the colour pink after watching legally blonde and I’ve never looked back.
  15. I once lived next door to a rock star. He was the nicest rock star I have ever met, the only one actually.
  16.  I kicked my teacher in her vajayjay on year 6 camp, not intentionally though she was helping me out of a harness poor Miss Thompson.
  17. Two of my favourite foods are Fish and sprouts, I know It’s a weird one but hey we all can’t be the same.
  18. For nearly 2 years I pee standing up. No I don’t have a willy I have a bladder stoma. it has  made me such a stronger person than I was before.
  19. I have wanted to write my whole life, I chose paper and pen over sweets every time.
  20. People whos eyebrows are angry looking scare me I just want to get my tweezers out and shape the hell out of them.


How to get organised

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The first thing that springs to my mind when i think organised is a calendar. This can either be in paper form on your wall or digitally on your phone. if you hate crossings out on your calendar then using your phone one would be better.

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Personally i think the best time to write out your to do list is the night before when its fresh in mind and you know you want to get stuff done. you can always take a little notepad with you and write on the go and organise it when you get home. The satisfaction is when you have everything ticked off your list.


Heres an example of a tidy phone. My phone to be exact. i find it’s better putting certain apps into folders then you know where to find them and your phone looks neat and clutter free. i am one of those that hates seeing loads of notifications too so i try to clean them up as soon as i receive them.


This goes for all the crap you have piled up here there and everywhere. As soon as you do your ironing pack it away. Same goes for paperwork put it in a file or in a drawer neatly and in some sort of order. Living in mess can be stressful if you don’t have a clue where things are.


Set yourself a timer when you need to get tasks done and then you will always be aiming to get it completed in that alloted time. IĀ find this oneĀ comes in very handy.


I hope some of these have been helpful and you can put them to good use.

O.P.I Disaster

When you buy a more high-end nail varnish rather than the ones your normal drugstore stocks you would expect to have results that show that it was worth spending that little bit more.

This is the culprit…Kiss me on my tulips


i picked it because i am a lover of pink, i loved the name of it and thought yeah this will do the trick and have staying power.

Does it hell!!

I have had it on just over a week and i have had to touch up on nearly every nail three times. i don’t know why i didn’t just give in and take it off and put something different on. i guess it was because i didn’t want one of my more expensive nail varnishes to just get thrown in the drawer never to be seen again.

To make matters worse this happened


I was not amused i have real strong nails and i catch it in something and have to just cut it off. I have to now bring myself to cut my naturally long nails down. I am well proud of how long i can get them.


Thanks O.P.I you have made me never want to get a nail varnish from your range again, sort out the product and i may change my mind… heres my blog post on a Rimmel nail varnish which proved you don’t have to spend a fortune for pretty nails and does what it says on the bottleĀ Excuse My Frenchā€¦Manicure Ā