One of the best face masks yet



montagne-jeunesse-7th-heaven-black-seaweed-peel-off-mask-reviewEvery Sunday night i like to give my face a bit of TLC and whilst out shopping in the week i spotted this Black Seaweed Peel Off Mask. At the grand price of 95p in wilkos i thought why not give it a try.

Applying it was a dream no mess apart from a few drips in the sink that was easily washed away with water. i kept it on during my bath, though singing with it on felt a tad weird but it coudnt be helped 🙂

i find peeling a face mask off so satisfying and more so when i had the results underneath. My face felt so smooth so no need for the usual moisturising and my face was glowing lovely.

I love the 7th Heaven Range i grab a variety of them each time i see them in the shop. Wilkinsons and Boots do them i know .

By far the best face mask yet and for under a pound you can’t go wrong.



11 thoughts on “One of the best face masks yet

  1. I love these face masks, they work so well! you can get them in Boots and Superdrug I think – theyre usually on offer which is ace! 😀
    Beautiful Breakable


  2. I’ve seen these, but I have never purchased them. I will have to give them a try. Thanks!


  3. Ah sounds like a fab mask for 95p, I really want to try a peel off one, they must be so satisfying!

    The Velvet Black | UK Personal Style & Beauty Blog


  4. I love a good face mask. You really can’t beat the price on this one!


  5. Oh I do love those face masks – they are so great. You’ve made me want to use a mask now! I’ll save it for tomorrow when I fully intend to have a pamper sesh.

    Lisa | fairlyrosy.com Xx


    • They are fab, I am going to use the tea tree one this week it’s the wrong time of the month and my skin knows it lol. Pamper sessions are just the best thing 💗 Enjoy yours hun xxx


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