Seventeen Freebie ATM 

I just had to shout out about this offer, not sponsored I wish 😜 

Seventeen (found in boots) are giving away a free brush set with the silver snakeskin look make up bag when you spend £6 on their range. Amazing right?

So I grabbed my self some paler powder…yes I said paler. It’s horrible when you look a totally different colour from your neck so I’m hoping this one matches me. Seventeen miracle matte pressed powder.

The shade I bought was  Ivory porcelain it was £3.99

Then I got some concealer that combats all skin problems in this winter weather. As I’m writing it’s -5 burr indeed. Mind you I have never used one of these so I’m keeping my fingers crossed. It wasn’t too pricey so If it doesn’t conceal no big deal. It was 5.99 to be exact. Seventeen let’s face it – Fair

I’m not sure how long this offer is but it’s perfect for your handbag and the brushes are super soft.

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