Social Sunday: Playlist with a difference

I think everyone should try this one I found it to be quite therapeutic and made me think about songs and their meanings. I myself love lyrics in a song they just speak volumes. Below you can  see the questions and can scroll the sidebar and see all the songs in a playlist from Spotify. Hopefully you can play them from here without using Spotify. I hope you enjoy seeing what oldies and newbies are on my playlist. Be interesting to hear some of yours…leave a song in the comments below and I will check it out 😍



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  1. Ah this is such a cool little exercise! It’s always cool to see the vast difference of genres that people listen to. I have quite the eclectic taste too but rarely find myself listening to much music at all these days.


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    • I thought that too. If I didn’t have Spotify I wouldn’t listen to it so much. Growing up with my mum who grew up in the 60s it’s kind of anything goes. I found it on Pinterest and thought it was something to do 😁 xxx


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