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Another simple DIY – For when you are feeling down and need a pick me up

January either brings you a positive mind or the blues….

Well I done this a few years ago after I had a major operation and it cheered me up no ends so I would suggest it to anyone that needs a pick me up.


Grab yourself a shoe box and some wrapping paper, sellotape and scissors and decorate your shoe box to your liking

15995765_10155000970919479_831940356_nTHIS IS MINE

Go hunting in your room for things that make you smile that you think would fit in your box and that you don’t necessarily need on a daily basis

Here is what I have included in mine…you can change it as many times of course…

  • A Sketch book and pencils so I can have a laugh at my hideous attempts at drawing.
  • My memory book that I keep adding to but is full of happy memories
  • a little jar with positive quotes in in to remind myself to look on the positive side
  • A little book of confidence. Its 10 years old its a great pocket sized pick me up
  • A quote from a magazine – Smile
  • My old MP3 player with some right Throwback Thursday tunes
  • My favourite Hand balm from The Body Shop it smells so good
  • A note pad that I can write all that I am grateful for and do a bit of journaling in
  • A hilarious film – My choice at mo is Full Monty
  • A sentimental piece of Jewellery. Mines this watch.


What would you put in yours?

7 thoughts on “Another simple DIY – For when you are feeling down and need a pick me up

  1. Hey there!

    Wow, this is SO lovely. Winter usually makes my mood swing and it feels like a sad time for some reason but this is an incredible idea to cheer yourself! I’d probably put stuff that reminds me of great times or summat x

    Carmen | Wandering Banshee

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I saw it online back along on Pinterest I think and thought it was a lovely idea. Mine changes all the time but that’s what’s in there for now. Winter is a sad month especially when it brings no snow just wet and windy and miserable xx


    1. Ahhh lovely 💗 It definitely is working today when I’m not feeling too special. You can make the box as big as you want and put in what you like that’s what I love about it 😁 xxx

      Liked by 1 person

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