1. I thought I world do something different…glad you like it. I just stumbled across that quote and thought perfect words from my favourite ginger 😁 xxx

    1. It’s definitely my favourite mascara to date. It’s not too highly pigmented maybe because it’s a baby pink kind of colour. I haven’t wore it 24 hours to see if it does what it says on the label 😂 Thanks for reading I’ll look at yours when I’m more awake it’s 6am here xxx

      1. Mine as well! True. It looks like a really lovely color though. How long it lasts was going to be my second question. 😂 And thank you!

      2. I will wear it over the weekend and get back to you babe. I’m not overly adventurous with eyeshadow 🙈 wish I was. I generally just do liner, mascara and a touch of eyeshadow. That’s my eyes done xxx

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