Month: February 2017

My February Favourites

I love doing a monthly favourites post it makes me think of all the things that made me happy that month.

Without further ado here’s Februarys.


The legend that is Bridget Jones…I have been waiting for this to come out on DVD as I was poorly when it was in the cinema. It certainly did not disappoint. Though it had a few more swear words than expected it was still the best rom com of this year so far. The eye candy was second to none too.

17012494_10155158007164479_1097462998_nI had been looking for a handbag for absolute ages. I just didn’t want a plain old handbag. I wanted one that served a purpose and was stylish too. it was reduced from £109 to £28 so I loved it even more then.

17015060_10155158021684479_2063740009_oPersonally I didn’t want to spend nearly £100 on a FITBIT or an APPLE watch so while I was browsing good old Amazon I saw this TONUX watch. it does everything the others do and for a quarter of the price. My Brothers girlfriend liked mine so much she has one now. I wear mine everyday without fail and I am shocked at how many steps I do a day.

17035909_10155158021529479_58318783_oEven though I have had this since just after Christmas I have become very attatched to it. It is so handy for my blogging and fits in my handbag too. The picture quality is fantastic for watching Netflix and YouTube and you can also lie it completely flat and read a book on it too. 17015244_10155158007079479_696885205_oWhen I want 40 winks I reach for these beauts. I got them as a present and I think they are pretty as well as being practical. I can add them to my collection of many.



Its a very upbeat song and it has me singing every time I hear it.

I’m bringing something different to my blog

What happens when you have so much to say and things to share to help your readers but it just won’t fit into a blog post. That’s where my new idea comes in.

I thought that I could include a monthly newsletter at the end of each month…

Full of things to inspire, motivate and make you laugh

It will start the end of march… I hope to get some people interested to make it worthwhile doing it

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Best Beauty Buys @ Half The Price

When we are looking for a new beauty product generally we look at what we can get for the best price and is fantastic quality  too.

Below you will see some tried and tested beauty buys that I have found that are half the price and do pretty much the same job.


A lipstick that doesn’t come off after eating, kissing, and after a couple hours wear and has a liquid consistency but dries matte16734849_10155108055424479_1197845540_o


 A mascara that makes lashes full in volume and could easily be mistaken for falsies 16731973_10155108055224479_937857783_o3)

A brush that gets rid of the tangles with no tears or split ends


An Eyeliner that defines your waterline and is waterproof too.


Look after the pennies…and the pounds will look after themselves

How to get through a Panic Attack


Following on from last weeks post: Anxiety: – My Personal Story  which I talked about my Anxiety and how it affects me I thought I would share some tips on how you can get through a Panic/Anxiety attack.


This can be used in two ways

  1. Have an elastic band around your wrist when you are out and about and if you start feeling anxious give it a ping and the shock from that will divert your attention from the anxious feeling you were having.
  2. Go out and buy an elastic band ball and keep it in your bag/pocket and use it as a stress reliever.



Next time you are in a supermarket grab yourself a couple mushroom bags from the veg section. It will be a very handy tool when you feel you are breathing a bit too fast and need to control your breathing.

Place the mushroom bag over your nose and mouth and do 6-12 normal breaths and really concentrate on these breaths as it will bring your anxious state back down. I use this method and find it very effective.

anxiety-1CHEWING GUM

If you notice when you are having a panic attack your mouth goes super dry. Sometimes a drink isn’t always at hand. A tiny packet of chewing gum fits pretty much anywhere and instantly moistens your mouth and alleviates the dry mouth symptom.anxiety-4MP3 PLAYER / MUSIC

I have this exact MP3 Player and it is full of feel good songs old and new and i find that when i am having a anxiety attack i need an instant distraction and music always helps take away the scary feelings i get during an attack.

I know they are a bit old school as most people use their phones but this will be there when your phones battery isn’t.



Put a few friends in a favourites folder on your contact list so when you feel anxiety rearing its ugly head you have someone to talk to and help calm you down. If you can’t phone anyone just put the phone up to your ear and pretend you are talking to someone and hope that your phone doesn’t start ringing.


These are just a few things that you can use as distraction techniques while you are out and about.

I hope that you can take away a few of these and use them when you feel a little anxious. Don’t feel that you have to suffer alone. People won’t think any less of you if you have anxiety they will more than likely be glad you felt you could confide in them.