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What a year it’s been

I am so Happy to say it’s been one whole year of blogging on HOLZIELOVES.CO.UK

On the 4th of June 2016 I decided that my love of writing had to be put to good use or at least my thoughts out of my head and on paper or in this case the blogging world.

I have had so much fun along the way touching on subjects that I never thought people would be interested in .Here are a couple that took a bit of courage to write. You can take a nosey if you like.


I often sit on my bed with headphones in and legs crossed getting myself in the zone of focusing on what I want to write. I find music helps me loads to get my creative head on.

I actually pretty much blog anywhere and yes this is a true representation of me. When i have an idea i get my laptop out prop it up wherever and type away. Snacks sometimes come before pants when you got the idea you just gotta put it down before it goes.

I am not going to lie there has been times when i have tried to write something and as i read it back its as if its in a different language and my brain is fried so i take a step back for a week or so. But i know that my followers will still be here when i return and its always such a friendly atmosphere too.

I can’t wait to see what else is to come with my blog for the year ahead.

I thank everyone that has joined me on this fantastic journey so far and long may it continue.

Much loves xxx

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