Let that shit go

I now have a place at the bottom of the garden where it feels so zen and peaceful and it’s simplistic.

A place where I can take myself off to and get into the state of mind where i  can forget about the crap things that have happened and channel my positivity instead.

I’m not spiritual or religious but I’m all for getting rid of negativity that’s around you and not holding too much anger in for too long. It’s not good for you physically or mentally. What’s the saying…


So I aim to go down to this humble place in the evening before bed and give myself time to put myself in a happy mindset ready for the next day.

Think a pair of headphones may be needed so I can blast my panpipes/acoustic tunes and not get frowned upon by the neighbours.

What do you do to wind down?

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  1. That looks so beautiful and peaceful! I listen to music before I sleep to wind down (although the music is not the kind people would associate with calm it’s just any song that takes my fancy 😂) 💗

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  2. This post in itself had a certain mystic tranquility to it, that calmed my restless soul. Thanks Holly for sharing this post, it’s always a privilege to go through your posts. 🙂 ❤

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