Hospital bound 


My legs gave way and I was stuck in one place for 2 hours. I could feel that something wasn’t quite right at the beginning of the week but just plodded on the best I could. Didn’t venture anywhere so I didn’t over exert myself. 

I can’t use my left side it’s useless at the mo and I’m led in a hospital bed trying to eat fish chips and peas with one hand. I have to go for a MRI scan in a few hours so I’m hoping they’ll find some answers to the reason why I went down like a bag of shit.

If I’m absent from my blog for a few days I’m just recuperating. Just bear with me.

11 thoughts on “Hospital bound 

  1. I’m so sorry to hear this Holly.You must be so scared. I’m thinking of you and I hope the MRI can shed a light on what is going on 💗xx

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  2. That sounds awful. I’m so sorry to hear that :/ I hope you will be back on your feet soon. Sending positivity your way ❤

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  3. Sounds awful I hope you find out the cause and have a speedy recovery

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  4. Oh no Holly! Hope they figure out what’s up and you feel better soon 💜

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  5. I hope they find out what’s going on and then you feel better soon. xxx

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  6. Please feel better soon! I nominated you for the blogger recognition award over at https://littledismaid.com/blogger-recognition-award/ hopefully that helps you feel a bit better! I’m so sorry!

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  7. Oh gosh, I’m sorry to hear this Holly. Must be quite scary for you, but hopefully the scan will throw some light on it and you will be back to normal soon. Sending good vibes your way. 💜💜💜

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  8. Sorry you had to go through this, it’s scary. Hope you better soon!

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