Month: December 2017


Please don’t look back at this year in disappointment at what went wrong or what you didn’t achieve.

The past can not be changed but you can shape your future.

2018 will be your year if you put the effort in. It’s not just going to do itself…very few are that lucky.

Take it a month at a time and aim to write some goals down that you want to smash. make them manageable, break them down into points if needed. Trust me it’s so much easier. Don’t go overboard with too many goals maybe 3/4 is a sensible number.


Grab yourself a diary/ planner to write down all the things in the week you have to do. So you got your organisation on paper as the head can get a bit muddled at times. I had my planner pictured below for my birthday and I have made use of it every day since. It gets you into a routine and when you have completed all that’s on your weekly page you can feel accomplished which in turn makes you feel happier.

This one is from Hobbycraft but there’s so many out there to choose from you are spoilt for choice really.


You also want to make plenty of memories too and this little D.I.Y is perfect for anyone at any age. Grab a empty jar, you choose how big you want it. Write on a label something about memories or find some printables online like i did and stick it on your jar. Then start making memories – don’t forget to write them on a piece of paper and put them in your memory jar. When it is full or at the end of 2018 you can read them all and smile.



Here’s to health, happiness and magical memories.

Til next time…


Things I loved in December

As we come to the end of the year it brings me to that time of the month where i reflect on a few things that I’ve been loving in December.

Without further ado, let’s get started…

Paloma Faith – Guilty

You know one of those songs you hear and you like it so much you play it all the bloody time…this is one of them, I absolutely love it.

The funny thing is for years I have been calling her PAMOLA.

Surely I cant be the only one that has made that mistake.

The little big things by Henry Fraser

After seeing Henry on Jonathan Ross telling his very inspirational story and seeing what amazing talent he had after breaking his spinal cord and is now paralysed from the shoulder down it definitely pulled on my heartstrings.

To hear he had a memoir out with his story and copies of his art on some of the pages inside had me wanting to go buy it and then when I saw it was half price in WHSMITH for £6.49 I leapt at the chance. Its a must have.



When it comes to Christmas films I tend to go for the really old ones and Amazon Prime came to the rescue with one of my childhood favourites – The Gremlins.

It had me still cringing at the point when they go from cute ones like Gizmo and then transform into the torturous gremlins. I am not one for scary films so i still went to bed leaving a light on. Then my nephew came over and we had to watch it all over again. This gif below is one of my favourite parts where they are tricking Mrs Deagal to then send her full pelt out the window on her stairlift.

Thank goodness they aren’t actually real.

giphy (1).gif



This will always be my favourite tipple and this month has been an excuse to have a little bit more. This is the only thing alcoholic i drink actually as it doesn’t seem to affect me too much. If you are ever going to sample it a few cubes of ice is my recommendation.

If you have a sweet tooth you’ll possibly like a drop of Dooleys.


Spending time with my family goes without saying really…

I am so lucky that my family all live pretty near so ts never long before we see each other. There’s always laughter and that to me is the best medicine there is.

Hope you all had a great Christmas, here’s to a fab new year.

Let’s see what favourites January brings…


My Christmas Wish To You

I want to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and I will be back shortly after Christmas to do a few posts before we start the new year…

I’ve been blogging every day lately and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed it. However I do need to sort out a schedule of some sort for 2018.

Eat as much as you can without popping on Christmas Day. It’s the only time you can get away with it without someone saying haven’t you ate enough already.

Spend it with those that matter the most. It’s not all about presents it’s about love. Well it is for me. Presents are just a bonus.

Much love and enjoy xx


Speaking from the heart – Self Help

I have always been a bit of a talkaholic I dunno where it comes from my siblings are quiet compared to me.

Lets get to the point of it…

So I do want to start making videos in the new year ( with my face in ) but until then I thought I would start off with a few voice only less than 2 minute self-help videos. I really loved looking on Pinterest for my inspiration for these following videos so let me know if you would like more of these and I’ll get nosing again.

Reduce your Anxiety in less than 30 seconds


Powerful women Manifesto

Night time Affirmation

if you take the time to listen it would mean a lot to me. I love helping people and I hope these help some of you.

Much love

Until next time…


Best laid plans go wrong

I never thought this time last year I would be where I am. Living life totally different to what I envisioned it to be. All best-laid plans go wrong and illness doesn’t care if you’re a good person or not.

Today it’s been 5 months since my legs started to feel very odd. I don’t think I will forget the 20th of July in a hurry. It’s changed my life so much. Not a day goes by where I don’t have to struggle to do everyday tasks. I never thought I would have to utter the words paralysis/paralysed to describe how I was feeling.

I think it doesn’t help that today is my Dads birthday and he’s poorly in hospital…his ward is closed due to winter illnesses so he won’t have a good day, plus I don’t want to upset him seeing me like this. Even though he has vascular dementia I know he would still be so upset to see me in a wheelchair. He knows I love him so very much. It hurts though without me being like this. You never think your parent will get the most torturing diseases early and not be able to live his older days as planned.

My illness however is manageable but not curable. It will do as it pleases and stops me from doing normal things a 30 something woman does but I won’t ever let it get the better of me. It can make me cry and get frustrated a little but I won’t let it get me down.


Who knows one day I may be able to hand back the wheelchair and the other mobility aids if they do wave a magic wand and live life a bit more free. I’ll just keep staying positive, work towards my goals in life and try not to see the way I am at the moment as an obstacle.

I have hopes and dreams and I hope that I can achieve them sometime soon or in the future, whenever… Just as long as I can put tick next to them and write done.

To any of you facing a struggle please know you will get through it even if it takes longer than you hoped.

Rome wasn’t built in a day.

Til next time


As the days pass and the new year is nearly upon us

I wanted to ask you my followers, my loyal readers a few questions so I could work on it for the upcoming months ahead.


What posts of mine do you enjoy reading the most?

What would you like to see more of on here?

 What made you subscribe to me?

I want to make this blog as fun and informative as I possibly can. I love to write but sometimes like in most things you have a mental block and need a little advice to get you going again.

I would be so happy if you could leave your thoughts in the comments

Much love as always….


Bullet Journal – Lets Get Started

I really wanted to do a Bullet Journal last year and then things just got in the way and the idea went out the window.

There are no excuses, none at all… I will start one in 2018…and I will make it as fabulous as I can.


So this is my bullet journal made from a clear small possibly A5 clear ring binder and a print stuck on the front from Blogger and fabulous artist Jemma Humphreys otherwise known as Dorkface. She has an Etsy shop under the same name if you want to go check her out. I’ll leave a link here actually -> DORKFACE ETSY SHOP


Inside I have 3 different types of paper…

Lined, plain and squared. I guess depending on what layout I am going for. If you aren’t into stationary or bullet journalling you’ll probably be thinking what the actual F.

I also have some brown subject dividers that I picked up from Wilko so I think I will decorate them and feature them in a later post. These will help the organisation of it and I won’t be thinking what page is that on I can just put it in sections.

Coloured gel pens and washi tape is a must if you really want to jazz it up and make it look a bit more interesting than just plain note taking. I guess if you are a creative person the designing ideas are endless. I must invest in some more washi tape as some of mine I’ve had for a few years and I fancy some interesting ones.

Make sure you test out your pens for bleeding through the paper you are using. Maybe allocate a page in your bullet journal at the back so you know which ones are safe and which ones may just ruin your pages. Nothings worse than doing a pretty design to find that you can’t do it on the next page cos its seeped through.



I am definitely going to take some ideas from this list and put it in my bullet journal. There is a set way you can do it if you look at BOHO BERRY on youtube but I like to sway away from the norm and be my own person.

So when I update you then you can see what I’ve done and I really don’t mind if you take some of my ideas from my journal and use them in yours.

Let me know below if you have a bullet journal or if you have any ideas that aren’t in the list above it’ll be interesting.

Til next time…