Month: March 2018

How do you feel?

This was just a quick exercise – to put into perspective the things that are perking me up and the things that are getting me down.


I chose 4 points each not to make it too long so I could elaborate on them a bit more…

Here are my happy points :

  • Listening to music takes away any sadness I may have had that day, it brings back memories when listening to the lyrics in a song. It’s a powerful thing.
  • My friends are the ones who no matter what and no matter where they are, whether it’s by my side or at the end of the phone, they are true friends.
  • I have quite a close relationship with my family. We are always in touch by phone, outings, little get-togethers and even Facetime. They mean the world to me.
  • I adore writing. Whether its shorthand and in a diary or a journal, a blog post or a lengthy few pages planning my next book I just love every element of it. It relaxes me. Its like therapy for the mind and soul.

Here are my not so happy points :

  • Having a few illnesses will always get me down as it stops me from living a ‘normal’ life and is always at the forefront of my mind every day. If it’s not one thing it’s the other. Its just the way life is and I need to adapt to it.
  • My Dad – my hero. He has really bad Vascular Dementia at the age of 71. He had encephalitis at 64 (inflammation of the brain) which brought on the Dementia early. Its been 9 months since I last saw him and I hope a little bit of his memory still remembers his favourite girl.
  • Whether its the 6 ‘o’ clock news on TV or the hourly news on the radio, it’s always sad, bad news. It gets me down seeing all the pain in the world and suffering. I know its life but wouldn’t it be lovely to have a whole half hour of great news to make you smile.
  • I don’t think I am on my own here with being miserable about our English weather. The rain and snow can sod off now, we want to look forward to brighter warmer days and not be wrapped up for winter when it’s nearly April.

Well there you go that is my happy/sad table and it felt better getting it out, and seeing that even though there are some things that make me frown there are things that equally make me smile too.

Why not give it a go yourself. It’s good to be reflective.

Til next time…


Dream it, Wish it, Do it

I bet there are things in life that you think if only… like a dream/wish you had and you wish it would come true.

Do you ever just have it as a thought and do nothing with it or do you yearn over it and put every effort into making it a reality?

My advice is this:

You were given this life so go live it, whatever your heart desires, whatever you dream of is NEVER out of reach. If you can’t stop thinking about it then its meant to be in your life so go for it. Grab it with both hands and if you fall upon the way get back up and carry on chasing that dream and make it happen.

There was once a little girl, who would sit in the hairdressers while her mum had her hair done with a pad in hand – writing her little heart out. Back then she wished she could write a book one day, one that someone would actually buy.

That little girl was me.

I did achieve my dream – I published a book last year and to tick off one of my accomplishments feels magical.

So don’t give up on your dreams, and when you make a wish blowing out the candles on your Birthday cake don’t just leave it be, if it doesn’t happen when you want it to then you know what you got to do.


Click here if you’d wish to read my book… it would mean a lot to me.

Right, I’m off for my chippy tea.

Laters my dreamers


March – Currently Loving

I actually can’t get over that its the end of March….this year is going so damn fast. You know this is one of my favourite types of posts to write – reflecting on the joyful things from the 3rd month.

  – So lets jump on in



I only bought this on Friday but I already have fallen in love with it. Primark are smashing it with their fragrances. This was £8 for 100ml – such a summery/ romantic scent. Definitely a must for an everyday perfume. I think I am going to have to get an atomiser so i can have some in my bag as the bottle is rather large.


This is a beaut of an album. Burlesque is one film I could watch time and time again, wishing I could dance like that. Cher and Christina are fab in it. The songs have quite a sensual beat. Different…but I like different. My favourite song has to be… The beautiful people.



I have mentioned Fearne on my blog a few times of late…only because I think she is an awesome human being. I love her outlook on a calm/reflective life. She has a pretty cool podcast out ‘Happy Place’ that never disappoints as she delves into the lives of some well-loved celebs. I follow her on Instagram too. Her stories on there are so relatable and that’s why I think I like her.

images (1)


This is new to me was never partial to a sausage (stop laughing) only a vegetarian one but for the last few times we have been out for a meal I have opted for a nice Cumberland one or two. Pair them with egg and chips and a dollop of mayo and it’s a real yummy dish. A bit unhealthy but everyone deserves a treat.

download (4)


I had been having some issues with my iPhone 6s for a while with the battery needing to be charged 3/4 times a day. I just had enough and found out how much was owing on my contract. It wasn’t a great deal so I upgraded to a Samsung and waved bye-bye to Apple. However, he is now more of a camera/iPod than a phone. The Samsung S8 is really fantastic I love the ease of it and the extras you can do on there and not on the iPhone. I obviously had to get it in pink cos that’s my colour.



This is such a simple quote but has a big meaning. I think that ordinary is boring and if you have something different to you than anyone else that’s what makes you extraordinary.

I hope you all have had a good March

Thanks for stopping by, til Next time…


Don’t be afraid of change

I know I tell you don’t change for anyone… I still stand by that.

Today I want to talk about making a change for you, and not being afraid of it.

You need to have those special people around you. The ones that would be there for you in a drop of a hat and you vice versa. Not the ones that you’re just wishing had spare time for you.

Comparing yourself to others is the worst thing that you can do. You need to remember you were born this way and ain’t nobody gonna make you a sheep. Start loving wonderful you and love every tiny bit of your life.

You may not be where you want to be. The thing to do is to change the way you think and the way of life you live now and if you aren’t living a happy and fulfilling life then you need to get a plan of action going.

It’s always better to think of all the positive things happening in your life than the ones that are trying to get you down. Focus on the good and forget the bad..or tackle your problem head on to make a negative a positive.

Remember positive people lead positive lives.

Thanks for reading

Until next time…

I Cried Happy Tears

Last Thursday I cried some happy tears.

As most of you know I have been unable to sleep up in my own room since last July due to the paralysis episodes I have.

I have been waiting about 3 months for this to happen and its finally here…my stairlift to my boudoir 🙂

Every time I sit on it to go up I think of Mrs Deagul off the Gremlins and it tickles me and every time I come downstairs my Mum is sat there on the sofa we just laugh as I say to her – ‘I’ve arrived’


One small thing can make such a difference to someone’s life and this is mine. I now can go and have chill out time in my bedroom. Inbetween the episodes I can sit in my office and write until I can’t write no more. Its just made me feel a little bit more normal.


I will be back in a couple of days with a proper post I just wanted to update you with my happy news.

Much loves and I hope you are all having a fabulous week.

til next time…


Being a blogger -Q and A

It’s a blustery Saturday morning I thought let’s do a quick Q and A.

So I have just come up with 10 questions about blogging –

please feel free to copy and paste it on your blog

Here goes……

  1. What is the meaning behind your blog name: My name is Holly and my nickname growing up was Holzie so I kind of wanted to include it and the loves part is because everything I do is from the heart
  2. What made you want to start blogging: I have always had a passion for writing since I could put pen to paper. I love how blogging can give you an outlet to talk about a range of subjects that all can relate to.
  3. What 3 apps do you use everytime you blog: I use Canva for my featured image, I use Moldiv for photo editing and OneNote for planning and note-taking.
  4. What posts do you enjoy writing the most: I love writing personal posts that are close to my heart. I think its great that there’s an outlet to do it – amen to WordPress.
  5. Where do you look for blogging inspiration: I have a few boards on Pinterest give me some inspiration. I look in magazines, watch documentaries, and when I am out and about. It’s surprising where inspiration will spring from.
  6. What are your pet peeves about blogging: I really hate the competitiveness of it, I think it would take the fun out it for me. The follow to unfollow on Instagram and Twitter. Like whats the point?
  7. What would be your dream whilst blogging: I would love for someone to read one of my blog posts and for it to have a huge impact on their life that they change it around for the better.
  8. Where do you go to write your blog posts: If I am able to get to my office then there. Generally, it’s on my bed late at night when an idea springs into my head and I get the laptop out quick.
  9. Who do you look up to in the blogging community: I look up to the brave ones who speak up about things that they needed the courage to write. It warms my soul.
  10. What is some advice you would give to a newbie blogger: Be yourself, write from within and be confident. You will help at least one person with your words so get writing.

Thanks for reading….

Much love and I’ll see you in my next post xxx


10 ways to practice self love


We all need to look after ourselves.

  I know some of you are thinking- ‘I don’t have time for that’….oh yes you do.

I am pretty sure you can spare 5 minutes and devote it just to you.

Here are 10 ways you can apply a bit of self-love and it will make you feel so much better afterwards

  1. Grab a pen and some paper and write down 5 things that make you happy – then read them back and feel that smile on your face and in your heart,
  2. Listen to your favourite song, even put it on repeat if you like, sing along or dance. Enjoy how it makes you feel.
  3. Prepare your favourite meal/ snack. Have a little feast, It won’t hurt every once in a while.
  4. Light a candle, one with a scent that makes you go mmm. Get all nostalgic. Don’t forget to blow it out once you’re done.
  5. Pamper yourself by applying a face mask or painting your nails. One deserves a pampering every once in a while
  6. Read some of your favourite quotes – Make a board on Pinterest and keep adding to it. In times of need, they can be powerful.
  7. Put on an outfit that you love, or a colour that makes you feel good, or your favourite PJs.
  8. Do a quick yoga session or just sit in peace and meditate. Don’t think of anything in particular. Just be in the now.
  9. Make yourself a hot chocolate or a yummy smoothie and just enjoy.
  10. Soak in the bath or have a nice long shower and just appreciate the me time.

There you have it.

Hope you will take some of these and apply them in your day/week. You deserve it.

Allow yourself relaxation and above anything else Happiness.

Til next time