Month: June 2018


Its been a beautiful June, with the sunshine as an added extra. Heres hoping it lasts all summer long. Let’s be honest it’s England, the rain will probably be back next week.

Anyways here are some Favourites I have been loving this month and has put a big smiley on my face at some point or another.


I absolutely adore this song at the moment, sometimes I can’t help pressing the repeat button. It has a really catchy tune and it actually was in last months playlist too. Selena Gomez you talented chick.



You know when you don’t fancy a huge chocolate bar but just enough to curb your sugar craving for a little bit. A gold bar is the one you need. They are £1 for 8 I think. I think this as a ice cream or milkshake would be really delicious.



These are new out in the supermarket and very popular by the looks of it. Can only usually manage to get 2 or 3 a week. I would totally bulk buy if I could. they are yummy and fill me up of a lunchtime. Mums a fan of them too.


After going through half a dozen different foundations I have finally found ‘THE ONE’. After all my wasted pounds. The shade is just perfect, the consistency of it is just thick enough and the added bonus is I don’t need to add any concealer as its a 3 in 1. It Primes, conceals and covers. It is worth the £12.99 I paid. If you want to see the ones I didn’t get on with here is my Foundation fails



If you are a fan of Reese Witherspoon you’ll love this film, and if you love a good tear jerker too you’ll love it. I watched THE MAN IN THE MOON first of all on YouTube and thought it was brilliant. Luckily I found it in our region on Amazon for £7. Always make sure that you select the right region when they are not in your native tongue. Region 1 for USA and Region 2 for UK (me).


I have so many bloggers that i follow and love but i can only fit two in here otherwise i could write for days about each and every one.



I have been following Kumba for a while now. I think she’s such a talented woman, who writes and talks with such passion, has a warm heart and she definitely owns those curls.

Here are her social links if you wish to follow Kumba.





Ever since I have been ill I have had Rhiann in my life. She too is unlucky with her health but doesn’t let it stop her from writing on her blog, reading books and going on a few cruises. I am glad the internet has brought us together as friends. We plan to meet one day when both our health problems are cooperating and sod off just for one day.

Here are her social links if you wish to follow Rhiann.




Those people who make you happy when you are around them are your sunshine. They are the ones that you want to spend time with and the ones who make your day.

There you have it….chapter 6 of 12…roll on a new month and more things to fall in love with.

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Dear Reader

From me to you,

I want you to know that in life you are going to stumble, and sometimes actually fall. The thing you have to do is not wallow in it, you need to get back up and get on with it. The only person that can achieve your goal is you.

Take a step back if you need to an evaluate, but never give up. There is so little time in a day really when you think about it, and to of wasted your time throwing away a goal you were working so hard towards is kinda silly, right?

If everyone threw in the towel when things slipped up/didn’t go their way we would be living in a really miserable place. Break it down into small manageable goals, and before you know it you will have a big ‘I DID IT’ tick beside it.

You’d feel so proud of yourself for not giving up at the first fallen hurdle.

Of course life is going to throw you crap, you just got to be ready to say… Not my crap and get your head in the game so to speak.

Three final words of this post I am going to leave you with and I want you to always have them in the back of your mind when you have your sights set on something.

lock screen

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Foundation Fails

I know I’m not on my own in this.

Trying to find the ‘Perfect’ foundation. The one that’s going to look like your 2nd skin and hide any impurities. Well, I went on the hunt about 4 months ago and here are the ones that have been complete foundation failures for me. They are all the same shade may I add which is Ivory…cos I’m super pale.

true match

I started using True Match quite a few years ago. I didn’t have the best coverage with it. The colour was rather pinky and didn’t stay put all day. Nothing is worse than having to reapply. So I decided to add one to mix together…

I thought if I blended Revlon Colorstay with the True Match then maybe it would be more my colour. I’d say it was better than just on its own but left my skin quite dry in my T zone. So I hunted on some more.

Knowing that the Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer was absolutely amazing I thought the foundation would be too. Got the Palest one and I looked like an Oompa Loompa. What a waste of money that was. I did get him off the internet so I couldn’t swatch him on my skin beforehand.

loreal ivory

The next one I looked for I wanted it to be high coverage as I have some acne scarring from my childhood. I had seen rave reviews about Infallible Total Cover so out came the purse. It was too thick,  like you had put cement on your face and didn’t feel natural. He’s still sitting in my drawer having a think of what he’d done to my face.

make up revolution concealer

Lastly is the Revolution Foundation Stick. I really wanted to love this. It was relatively cheap compared to the others. You didn’t need much on as it went s long way. Had it on for about 4 hours great. Any longer and it left my face shiny and almost melting off my face and definitely not kiss proof, tried and tested. More on his face than my lips.

I have found one that I’m absolutely loving and is definitely a keeper. I will be featuring it in my Monthly Favourites post in a few days so keep an eye out for it.

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Journal and planner collection

For all my new readers…and old ones too.

Every Wednesday i upload a video over on my YouTube channel usually about lifestyle/mental health.

Todays video is all about journaling and planning.

I have put the collection of mine together today and chat my way through the video about them.

If you want to see what i use which journal/planner for what click on my video below.

I may possibly do a blog post at a later date talking about each one.

Keep your eyes peeled for it.

Hope your week is going great so far.

Til next time, love Holzie xx

Reasons for a week off

I am sorry there haven’t been any posts in the last week.

I know I don’t need to apologise. I know I have some readers that religiously follow me and a few have asked if I was ok so I thought I would tell you why I didn’t write.

As most of you know I have a few illnesses – One being M.E, which causes extreme tiredness amongst other symptoms. I had a few bad days at the beginning of the week so I spent most of those days in bed recuperating and sleeping my senses away. Not fun in the slightest.


Luckily by the Friday I was feeling a lot more energised and well enough to go to my best friends birthday meal in the evening. This was special because it was a reunion with all my close school friends who I hadn’t been out with since I left school 15 years ago. It was really nice to get out the house with friends and not my mum.  They were all taking it in turns to push me in the wheelchair which was a laugh as I was scared I would end up falling off the curb. I had a few alcoholic beverages for the occasion too. Archers and lemonade of course.


Saturday was a I got a hangover head kind of day so I didn’t do very much at all apart from telly hopping and eating junk food. I did do a face mask in the evening, always like to do one once a week to look after my 30 something skin.

Sunday was an Auntie and Niece afternoon. I got to spend it with just me and Daisy. I really love that I can have a conversation with her now and she knows what I am on about. She loves her Auntie Hol and its so nice to feel loved.


Yesterday (Monday) was a long ass day I had to go to hospital to see the people I saw when I had to stay in hospital to see if they could improve the paralysis in my legs. It was a 5-hour round trip for a 30-minute appointment. I didn’t the best news, there’s no cure just need to manage it when it happens, which is very frequent.. I am still smiling, there’s no need to be miserable. It is what it is.

So you can see its been quite a hectic up and down week but I am back now and will try and get a few more posts up this week.

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As promised i said i would put my videos up here every Wednesday for any of you to watch if you so wish

So this week i talk about self love and i picked 10 points/tips and just started chatting.

Shamelessly it looks like i have no top on but it took so much energy and effort i thought sod it

So here it is

Feel free to let me know your thoughts

Til next time

I’ve been thinking

Well my little brain has been doing a spot of overtime thinking. Especially all things blogging.

I want to try and cover as many topics as i can. Ones i enjoy writing and also what others can relate to and get help from.

These are the ones i have come up with

I have also been writing on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturdays of late. I think I’m going to just post as and when for a few weeks and see how it goes…i will definitely keep you updated if i start doing set days again.

I hope you’ll join me in future posts

Til next time