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I’ve been thinking

Well my little brain has been doing a spot of overtime thinking. Especially all things blogging.

I want to try and cover as many topics as i can. Ones i enjoy writing and also what others can relate to and get help from.

These are the ones i have come up with

I have also been writing on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturdays of late. I think I’m going to just post as and when for a few weeks and see how it goes…i will definitely keep you updated if i start doing set days again.

I hope you’ll join me in future posts

Til next time

6 thoughts on “I’ve been thinking

    1. Definitely Benjamin. That’s why i just want to not have such a strict schedule. Life comes with ups and downs and sometimes blogging may need to take a back seat for that day xx


      1. I want to spread my ideas to a weekly post rather than twice a week then if I have a gap in my ideas least I have a week or so to find my ideas flow again

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