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I totally forgot

Just a quick post to say

I’m so sorry i didn’t put a post on today ( most of my posts are written on the same day as i publish them.

I went out for a surprise birthday get together for my brother. There was me,Mum and a load of his mates. It was in a pub, reckon there was 30 of us. My brother doesn’t really like a fuss but he deserved to be the centre of attention for once. It was lovely catching up with oldies from the past and a few friends of his I’d never met before.

Lets hope theres not too many sore heads in the morning. I was sensible and stopped at 3. Plus it was pretty pricey. Nearly needed a mortgage. – bet you’ve all heard of that phrase when somethings steep in price.

Anyway just gone midnight and tucked up in bed, but wide awake so a bit of relaxing music to hopefully rock me off.

Nighty night, good morning, good day whenever you’re reading this xxx

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