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My Monthly Favourites For December

First of all i want to congratulate myself.

I’ve actually managed to stick to a whole year of writing my monthly favourites…small accomplishments and all that.

Anyways lets get on with this months faves.


Play by Jax Jones and Years and years. It’s one I’ve very recently discovered and i absolutely love it.


These were things I’d never tried before but without a doubt I’d have it again and again – obviously had sprouts before but not with anything added to them. Stollen is a German cake i think with marzipan, fruit and other yummy things and looks a bit like fruit loaf but it’s so much more fancier.


I Really enjoy my instagram stories and it’s good to try stand out. I think last month i done pocket video which can be used anywhere on social. But these 3 are especially for Instagram. Worth downloading to have a play around.


The quote speaks for itself and doesn’t really need any explanation.

So December is nearly over and it’s been one hell of a month. Roll on the new year i say.

I do hope you all still aren’t eating turkey sandwiches.

(Got to be a long standing Christmas joke)

TTFN – ta ta for now for all who were thinking what on earth does that mean


  1. I’ll have to give that song a listen, absolutely loved King by Years & Years a few years ago! Are those apps you use for Insta stories free?

    1. Do hun…I loved that song too. Yeah they are free…i think story luxe is only on Apple as i can use it on my ipad but not on my Samsung xxx

    1. Yeah unfold is a bit overused. I’m definately loving the other two though. What’s your Instagram I’ll follow you xxx

      1. I feel exactly the same! My Instagram is moonallured, I’m still working through his I want my feed to look lol but yes I’ll definitely follow back✨

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