Bullied for being me

After watching the tear jerking documentary with little mix Jesy Nelson ‘odd one out’ it didn’t half bring back all the feelings of what happened to me.

Life from the age of 11 was not how I envisioned it to be. I guess starting puberty that early didn’t help.

I was pretty much the only one for a few years that suffered with acne which of course made me the target for name calling and just making me feel like shit.

I had even a group of so called friends turn on me and taunt me inside of school and out. Our phone had to be unplugged as they were prank phoning every time you put it down for about 5 hours a day of a weekend πŸ˜” it was horrendous looking back

These would in turn be the ones who beat me black and blue 2 weeks before my exams. My prom photos weren’t the ones I wished for as my face was still too sore for make up.

It took a good 5 years to actually get them out my head and life. But I don’t know why it still happens daily to people. It’s just not called for and it makes me so fierce when you see people take their lives because of it.

Bullies are just insecure about their own lives and instead of facing their problems they make sure someone else is miserable too.

My advice is to never suffer in silence. You deserve a happy life so don’t be made to feel miserable in the process.

5 thoughts on “Bullied for being me

  1. I’m so sorry you went through that Holly, there are some horrible people out there who didn’t want to see you shine like we all see you do. I think it’s brilliant that you speak out about it πŸ’–xx

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    • I wish I could go back and do my school years all over again. My grades suffered and I would be a much more confident person, wouldn’t like all the hours at school though πŸ™ˆ xx

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  2. Sending you hugs. I too got bullied through both primary school and secondary and they were the worst years of my life. I wish that there was some way to stop kids going through this. Hope you are ok, xxx

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      • I think it has made me stronger and I feel that I have overcome a lot of things in the process. I’m sort of glad it happened back then and not now as at least when I was home I could escape it. With social media and mobile phones and all that, there doesn’t seem to be much of an escape for kids who are bullied in this day xxx

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