A little space to be creative

Whether its here blogging or on a social media platform like Facebook, Instagram or Twitter…it’s your outlet to be creative and be who you are and  show people  what things make you smile.

I’ll talk you through some of the things that bring out my creative streak.

🌸 I love taking photos on my camera. The amount of moments that can be captured by a click of a button.

🌸 My laptop brings me so much joy. I can let my imagination run wild whether it’s writing, blogging or working on something from it.

🌸 My phone has the most amazing apps on it that helps me through the day. Whether its productivity,  entertainment or health related.  I couldn’t be without my phone as sad as it sounds but it’s a lifeline for me.

🌸 Music is like therapy to me. When I need a pick me up there’s a song or playlist for it. If I need to unwind music’s there for me too. A day without music would just be boring.

🌸 Personalised things make me happy.  The bag is one of many things.  From converse daps to diaries. It feels like it’s mine and individual to me.

What are your creative outlets?

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