The Start of April was the start of the 2nd week of isolation and on April 1st the relationship came to an end. So I was putting on a brave face that week as I was trying to get my head around two things.

I managed to take some selfies and show myself some self love by painting my nails and of course putting on my make up and wig. A few good quotes always get you through things.


The 2 week week of April I started sorting out/ decluttering. So my little blanket box by the window was now a perfect place for reading, reflecting and nosing out the window. Whilst decluttering I found my old bag my mum had made on EBay about 6 years ago I love it. It looks lovely perched up on a storage box in my room. Of course sweets were consumed and another wig was worn. I love my pink wig but dying my hair that colour would be so much maintenance and upkeep.


The 3rd week I had my head into my writing and enjoyed the sun and some music…oh and a little treat to myself, the pink mat that now has pride of place in my room for a bit of positivity. I’m also studying doing a few online courses from reed so that took place a few nights that week in my office or in bed.


The 4th week was a bit pants, I was able to sit out in the garden when the sun was out and my go to in the sun is a orange juice. The Costa cup is reusable so it comes in handy when I want to make my own. Then I got a bit of a flare up with my M.E and my energy levels were near to zero. So i spent 3 days in bed and my voice went too…now I have rested my energy has been restored. The pink cottage was me thinking about what would be my favourite place to live…in a pink cottage in the Cotswolds. The quote was to anyone like me who just needed a few bullet points on how to feel better.


So there you have it, a little chat about the photos that were my April.

if you want me to make this a monthly thing let me know

Hope you’re all keeping well, staying safe and sane.

lots of love 😘


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