A look back at my May in photos

I did this last month on here and people seemed to like it so i thought i’d give this month a go too.

Photos over the last 4 weeks of Instagram that tell a story of how my month was.

So lets get started with the

1st week in May

Ok, so this was my hormonal week as you can see my face looks well moody. Couldn’t even be assed with my wigs. I did however get myself a lavender candle as i love anything like that to help anxious moments. i had found my bag cover for my urostomy so i couldn’t resist taking a photo as a friend made it for me. I was and still am missing all the people i can usually see and do something with, hence the quote. Mum added some lovely imperial leather to our shopping. Both smell divine.

2nd week of May

I totally focused on self love in this week, I was embracing my femininity with my wigs and my nails and some beauty bits i have picked up over the months..mostly from the subscription box Latest in beauty. My mum and me spend all our time at the moment together and needed an updated pic together. Of course i am the quote queen so i put a up a few of them too.

3rd week of May

I gave myself a pamper day…actually morning. it was heavenly. I wanted to try clear my mind and skin of old crap and thats what i did. You can see my smile is there so i did a good job in making myself happy. It was Mums birthday so i had a few Archers and lemonade and Mum had her Jack Daniels and coke.

I wanted to get into reading again so when it was quiet in my garden i took my new book outside. I am only a few chapters in but i’ll get to the end of it eventually. I bought mum for her birthday 3 sets of lights for the garden. These are just one of the 3 identical sets. Only 10 pounds each on Amazon. Those 3 chairs were a freebie from a neighbour. They look like they were made for that space.

4th week of May

I am actually starting to love the length of my hair now it doesn’t look like a pair of curtains. it has a bit of volume. I had a lovely morning in the shade in the garden with my book full of ideas and my Chromebook. A quote of course of inspiration.

Modelling a ring i found which is pink, with a heart on it. Very me indeed. Weekly i like to give my fingernails a makeover and since i have naturally long nails i thought a pastel frenchie would look nice. Then lastly last night i set my notepads on my desk so i can start taking note for the week/month.

There you have it, a month in pics of Holzie.

I’d love to see you do this idea….tag me in it if you do

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