A new venture

I’ve always been the one my friends would come to growing up and asked me for advice. To this day I would say its not changed and I love making sure they are the ones happy and smiling at the end of our conversations.

Then I used to be a youth worker. What I really enjoyed is giving talks and giving them a glimpse at my the way i dealt with some of the struggles they were facing. It was a well rewarding job

I then went onto do some courses at college in counselling skills. These are great skills to have for life in general as well as in a counselling environment.

So I’ve completed one course and am a quarter of the way through the next which once I’ve completed that I’ll be able to be something I’ve always dreamt of being……


I don’t want to charge though… i would do it out the kindness of my heart just to know I’ve helped someone through their problems/achieved their goals and dreams.

Wish me luck πŸ’•


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