A vision what do you think about when I say that word do you think of happy things I hope so.

A dream are they happy dreams I hope so.

Whatever you can think inside of your head you can make that a reality as long as it’s going to bring a smile to your face.Making things visual is really really powerful and that is why I am going to talk you through a vision board and how it can make your life as happy as you want it to be.

First of all you need to follow this vision board checklist.

What your vision board should include

  • Different areas of your life: Personal ,work, school, health, fitness, travel and finances.
  • Specific goals for the next 12 months
  • Big dream goals
  • Inspiring images that make you say yes that’s what I want for my life.

Choose your board

White board with magnets quick board with pens poster/paper board digital board you can use Canva or Pinterest or Google images.

  • White board with magnets
  • Cork board with pins
  • Poster /paper board
  • Digital board you can use Canva or Pinterest or Google images.

Where to put your vision board

  • On your wardrobe/closet
  • By a mirror
  • On your phone background/lockscreen
  • On your laptop in your planner
  • On your wall

I believe this was last year possibly the year before and I decided to really dream big and think what I really wanted in my dream home and this is what I put in my scrapbook.

As you can see there is an overload of pink, but that’s just me I am pink obsessed. The person who lived with me would have to love everything about me including my love for pink.

Below you can see a different set out of what kind of things that I want in life and they are as follows and you can see them in the picture

  • A small little dog preferably a miniature sausage dog.
  • Be able to do some burlesque dancing.
  • Have my own book in Waterstones and people raving about it I mean how fantastic would that be.
  • I would love to get married.
  • Have an office space not just in my home.
  • Preferably a Silverfox as my husband but it doesn’t matter if his hair isn’t silver as long as he’s bearded. I blame Paul Hollywood for that vision.
  • Obviously my pink house
  • I also want my hair to be longer than it is now stay if I didn’t cut it and I keep dying it red that it’ll of course get longer.
  • One day is to go and standby the Hollywood sign.

So get yourself a pen and a big piece of paper and put on there these sections health career wealth travel family lifestyle hobbies knowledge and love.

Now get writing put your dreams and that what you really want to happen in your life time in the sections and work as hard as you can on them and put them out into the universe and I’m pretty dam sure that you will be able to tick off most of them if not all of them.

Til next time

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