Some things in life are not planned.
This definitely wasn’t.
One year ago today was when my legs first went into paralysis. I couldn’t move them and had no idea why…

All those blue light visits to hospital and they finally gave it a name FND (functional neurological disorder).

Still a year on i don’t know why it happened and nor do the professionals. I have to live and hope that one day i can wave bye bye to my wheelchair and get back to some sort of normality.

Thank you everyone who’s been thorough this with me and kept me smiling. It means the world xxx

6 thoughts on “A year ago today

  1. Wow. Such strength! Take my hat off to you. Positivity though sometimes hard is definitely the way to go! I’m rooting for you girl! Derbyshireduckie

    1. Thank you Gail. Most of my days are very positive ones. Theres no point in being miserable. Fingers crossed i can walk normally again one day Xxxx

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