An Online Dating No No

There’s so many dating sites out there…Tinder, and Bumble to name a few. Don’t get me wrong there are some really great success stories but there are also some shocking stories.

Its time to start swiping and find a match, hoping those photos you have put on has caught someones eye. Some of these photos you wouldn’t dream of putting them on any of your social media platforms. They are just too much for your actual friends to see.

Once you get a few matches and messages rolling in, you think you are winning in this dating game. They are saying all the right things to get you interested in them and think you’ve built up trust. So you loosen up a bit and get a little flirty with your messages.

In a moment of madness you have exchanged raunchy photos that only a real life partner should really be seeing. It made you feel so good at the time but i bet you felt cheap afterwards don’t you?

Your match soon becomes someone who only wanted to see your naked body and if they hadn’t already, they will have unmatched with you and gone onto the next one.

You fish your heart back out and start the dating process all over again. Hoping that you have learnt your lesson on revealing too much of yourself so quickly…quite literally.

Please don’t hurt yourself in the process of dating, it really isn’t worth it


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