We all have those apps that we use everyday, whether it’s a helpful app or just entertaining. I thought I’d give you an insight into what apps I use daily and why I find them beneficial in my life.


Daily Life: This is a diary entry app. Secure with password protect. You can add photos, videos, music and emojis to show what mood you’re in too. I find it like reflecting at the end of the day instead of into a paper diary it’s into an app

The Happiness Planner: I have always loved the happiness planner sheets that you can find on Pinterest so when I knew they had an app I was well happy. You can keep check of your goals, reflecting on the day in a short detail, guided journals and lots more.

Clue: This is my period app. I think it’s one of the best ones to log in what your menstrual cycle and what cravings you get around your period, how heavy you are on, when you’re most fertile. It’s a quite in depth app. I’ve had it for about 3 years at least.

Insight timer: I found this a year or so ago when I was very much in need of some guided meditation, some relaxation methods and it always seems to help in my time of anxiousness. As do podcasts but this is more targeted.


Instagram: I love just taking photos and keeping them all in one place but also sharing them with others too. Then following other accounts for admiration or inspiration.

Facebook: Keeping in touch with all my friends old and new and also participating in group chats too. I don’t use it as much as I used to but it’s definitely used at some point throughout the day.

Spotify: I don’t think I could go a day without listening to music. I have grown up listening to so many different genres. Spotify has literally everything that you could ever think of that’s musically. Even podcasts and asmr be found on here.

YouTube: If you sign in using your email address you can subscribe to your favourite channels. I generally watch educational videos or ones that entertain me. Usually if I don’t have anything to do of an evening I’ll see what videos I’ve saved and watch them in my room.

Pinterest: I often find myself getting lost for an hour or so a day scrolling and saving onto boards on Pinterest. It’s a perfect app if you just want to chill but be a bit active at the same time.


Pocket: If you ever want to save a website for revisiting then this is your perfect app. Sometimes I see a blog post that’s not on WordPress so I’ll save it to pocket. You can even save a item you want to buy at a later date. If you don’t have this app I’d say it’s one to definitely get.

WordPress: I couldn’t write a favourite app post without including my beloved WordPress. A place to find awesome bloggers who have so much passion for writing. Always great to jump on the app and have a read of some blog posts. Also to write ones of my own and comment too.

Trello: I really think that Trello is the ultimate app for organising and also being able to share boards with users you’ve approved…for example your clients. I don’t think I could be without this app now. It’s great.

Canva: If I am designing anything digitally my first port of call will always be canva. Most of the things are free so its even more appealing. I’m pretty sure most people either use it or have heard from it.

Anchor: The place where I make my podcasts. I have only used it for about a year and a half but I love how easy it is to navigate and it distributes my podcasts to all the major podcasts providers like apple, Spotify and google.


Moon Calendar: If you are a lover of the moon like me then downloading Moon Calendar is definitely something I’d recommend. It is a bit like star signs but for the moon and different phases of the moon can mean different things.

Tarot Reading: Still need to learn a bit about all the meanings of the tarot cards. This app has all sorts of different ways it uses Tarot and you don’t even need a pack to use it as you can do certain readings on there.

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