I see you, did you see me looking at you?

You know that word attraction. That feeling of not just admiring how somebody looks but there’s something a little bit more about them that you like. It makes your heart beat faster and gives your body butterflies all over.

We all get the feeling, it’s instilled in all of us.

Some are attracted to the same person as someone else, some are attracted to more than one. Some are attracted to the same sex and some keep who they are attracted to a secret from that person for fear of rejection.

You can be attracted to someone’s looks, or to someone’s personality. The way they carry themselves. The way they treat you, if you know them personally.

I am physically attracted to both sexes. Even though I have only been in relationships with men. I don’t think I can say that I would only ever go for a man because that’s not what my heart or head says.

Never be ashamed to be attracted to who you want. If you have the courage to let the person know, do it subtly and who knows, they may feel the same way too.



  1. I also believe it’s important for one to learn the distinction between physical attraction and true attraction as early in life as possible! It would have saved me a lot of trouble.

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