Every second human will experience the lovely gift we get monthly, that is aunt flo – i am seriously being sarcastic. I dread mine every time… since the age of 11. Early starter i know.

Since i am due mine any day now i thought i would do a post of all the essentials i think are needed to get you through the week from hell.

Depending on how heavy your period is and your preference of protection I’ve included the ones that will get you through every stage of it. I do think that they should be free for all as not every one can afford them. Especially if there is alot in their family or their country is poor/ do not have them readily available.

I remember having mine for nearly a year as the injection buggered up my cycle and i can’t believe how much i spent on them.

If you get pain not just targeted to your tummy then any of these will help – with the headaches, the backache and any other pain that presents itself.

Of course not everyone likes taking pain relief in the form of tablets. So heat pads come in handy when you are on the go and last from 8-12 hours. A hot water bottle is great for when you are curled up on the sofa or in bed. Wheat heat pads are for mild pain and are microwavable.

Due to your cravings leading up to and on your period days a nice selection of chocolate will do the job. Your horemones are here there and everywhere so a good tearjerker of a film is always a must with a big box of tissues.

Thanks for stopping by, if your a woman i sympathise with you. If your a man cut us some slack.

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