Autumn in my own words

When I woke this morning I opened the back doors and looked to the sky and oh my goodness…leaves falling before my eyes.

It felt kind of eerie how did the tree know that his green leaves now have to go.A sense of a change was in the air. Did it sense the lover of autumn was standing just there.

The wildlife appears the moment autumn is here, a hedgehog, a Robin a twit twoooing owl too. The others hibernate that’s what they’ll do.

My dresses, my flip flops, my sunnies will be exchanged for boots and woolies until they are needed again.Its time to get snuggly, light a candle, drink flavoured lattes and watch horror movies galore. Time to nearly crap yourself when you hear a knock on the door.Happy 1st Day of Autumn ๐Ÿ‚


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