I tried to put into a collage all the things that make me think of autumn.

Let’s start from the top


The time of year you can dress up ugly and scary and nobody really gives a hoot. I guess once you get to about 13/14 the magic goes…but there are always Halloween parties that people hold so your inner child can come back out.


All those fluffy jumpers, knitted cardigans and hooded tops can now be let out the closet. Their time to shine again is now. Of course a nice warm cuppa goes hand in hand.


Generally pumpkins started as a Halloween thing but people pretty much love them in their house and on their porch steps right from the start of Autumn. Carved ones or just pretty ones from a shop like Homesense.


There is always an excuse throughout year to decorate and Autumn is no exception. The colours always look so pretty. If you have a creative flair you could go wild with it.


When you see a change on the trees of yellow, orange and red leaves you know that summers gone and Autumn is here for a while. Then when they fall it’s sooo pretty on the floor. Just mind your step. Wet leaves are an accident waiting to happen.


The film streaming providers are always showing the true classics of Halloween like Hocus Pocus, Scream and The Bride Of Chucky. Grab some snacks and enjoy.


whether it’s a bonfire on bonfire night or a crackling open fire. Go grab your marshmallows, your digestives and your sticks, let’s make some smores. Nothing beats the noise of a fire crackling away. Keep you and others safe. Fire is pretty but dangerous too.


Be half human and half blanket. Snuggled up under one whether its watching TV downstairs with your family/friends or Snuggled up in bed with your other half. Tne bigger the blanket the better. Stay warm this autumn.


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