First of all you need to sit down somewhere quiet where you are not going to be easily distracted…if you can’t do total silence have some soft acoustic music in the background.

Right here goes – You are going to thank me for this advice one day in the not so near future. I’ve took a leaf out of my own book and started doing these same things.

Get a pen and paper do columns for  the areas of your life you want to concentrate on. For example: Your career, friendships/relationships, your home life, goals for yourself etc..


Ask yourself these same questions for all the categories you have written.

  • – Is it making me happy/sad ?
  • – Am I pleasing me or someone else?
  • – Is this going to benefit me in the long run?
  • – How can I improve the situation?
  • – Do I need to bin it and move on?

So after you’ve done that you will have more or less a detailed pros and cons list and hopefully you can look at it and see what area needs to come first and be worked on.

Don’t feel like you are being hard on yourself you are helping better yourself and be that person that’s not walked over or belittled but the person who has their shit together and doesn’t let negative vibes  put a dampener on anything.



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