These colours are what represents the bisexual community. Its something i have always been up for chatting about and finding out more about.

From my recent posts you can see i am most definately into men and i have only ever been in relationships with men.

From about 14 years old i knew that i was also attracted to women. But if i had to say back then i was bisexual i didn’t know what it properly meant and you definitely would have been picked on. Shame on people who just didn’t get it. I was already having the worst time being bullied because of my spotty skin so i just kept it under cover.

Being bi you don’t have to of had sex with a woman, to of even kissed a woman. The attraction that you feel for a man, you get for a woman too.


You don’t instantly fancy every woman and man you see. In fact i generally don’t even know the women i find attractive. You can be in a relationship with a man and still be bi you aren’t automatically straight and vice versa.

Sexual orientation shouldn’t have to be labelled these days and also when you say i think I’m bi, people say oh its just a phase…is being straight a phase too then?

Be who you want to be and love who you want to love too.

Glad to of got that off my chest.

11 thoughts on “Being Bisexual is not a phase your going through

  1. Thank you so much for sharing this!! I have many really close friends who represent all different parts of the queer/LGBTQIA+ community (I personally identify as gay myself, but truly don’t like to label since I feel it is all fluid), and it seems that my bisexual friends get some of the most “crap” and prejudice from not only heterosexual/cis-gendered people but also from others in the LGBTQIA+ community. This needs to stop! We’re supposed to stick together, and that “B” is in there for a reason. Posts like this help to dispel the myths and unfair stereotypes that others have about bisexual individuals. <3

    1. It’s hard still in this day and age not to get judged for being who you are. But why should anyone have to lie to anyone else and even themselves. Labels are for tins and bottles 😁 xxxx

    1. Ahhh you’re welcome. I totally agree we shouldn’t have to come out and say we are bi its our way of life and straight people don’t say I’ve got something i need to tell you i think I’m straight. We are in a world that still sometimes still doesn’t understand. Keeo being you hun and thanks for reading xxx

  2. i am glad to see others are sharing the word i invite you to read my blog aswell . i am teen who just discovered i was bisexual pleas reassure me what i am doing is okay

    1. My beaut…of course it’s ok. You have these feelings run with them. Don’t deny your heart of what gives it happiness. I’ll go follow your blog now and read your post. Well done you for feeling confident enough to confide in me πŸ’•

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