Let’s rewind all the way back to the year of 1996 when little me was in my last year of junior school age 11.

It was a Sunday night so my usual routine was watch Bullseye have a bath and hair wash and go to bed. However Mum had decided to go to bingo so Dad was left in charge. I was left to get on with washing my hair then I got out the bath reached for the yellow towel wiped myself and screamed….I had turned it partially red.

“Daddy Daddy I’m dying”

So dad came to the rescue… well kind of.  He goes “ahhh these things happen at your age where does Mum keep the panty things”  “I’m a girl Dad not a lady and mum had a hysterectomy years ago, she doesn’t have a period anymore.” So it was make do and mend til mum came home about half an hour later. Mobiles weren’t about then to ring to tell her I was in distress. So while mum was shouting house at bingo I was bleeding and right there and then I knew that not everything that bled would be fixed with a plaster. A load of rolled up toilet roll had to do overnight.

Early in the morning Mum had whipped to the shop just down the road as soon as they opened to get me some Bodyform pads and then she explained what to do and how often to change them and sent me off to school with a note for my teacher. As lovely as my teacher was she left my letter on her desk for all to read. Of course it had to be a boy who read it and before I knew it was ‘Hollys got her period’ was spread all around the class. How bloody embarrassing. (Excuse the pun.) We hadn’t even had sex education at that point so over the next few days one of the support teachers took me under her wing and taught me a bit more about it.

I remember getting up from assembly off the floor running to the toilet and crying my eyes out as I thought I was bleeding to death as it was all in the toilet. I was too young to understand but it made me grow up so quickly.

I’ve been bleeding for 20 years now (monthly not non stop) and to look back and think of how it all started is quite scary but I love to have a period as I know my reproductive system is working. I say love… I yearn for it to come as I hate the hormonal stage and as soon as it comes I can’t wait for it to go.

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