Being able to read is a gift that pretty much most of us have and for those who can’t there’s the power of audiobooks and text to speak on some devices which I think is pretty amazing.

Thinking back to when I was at school you just had a dictaphone or a support teacher if you needed that help. So technology has come on so much since then…we are talking late 90s to the early noughties.

So let’s look at the types of readers there are:

Finishes to soon – As soon as you get the book you have to read it all at once or else you feel that you can’t get the feel of the book or the story if you have to periodically stop.

The book collector – The one who sees a book that takes their fancy, whether it’s the look of the book, the author or simply because they need a book to put on their shelf to fill it up.

The borrower – Someone who has everybody else’s books but their own and it’s hard to get them back as they will say oh no I haven’t quite finished it…probably haven’t even started it truth be told.

Lives in the bookshop or library – Once they are in the bookshop or library it’s a hard job prizing them away from it. They are in their own little world.

Takes forever to choose a book – Once in the bookshop or library they are so indecisive that after an hour of deliberation they buy a few to compensate for being in there so long.

Never completes a book but still buys more – How many books that they’ve bought are actually read, not many. It’s just the euphoria of getting a NEW book.

The pain of a book addict

The power of the bookmark

There are so many things that people do to keep a page in the book they are reading, here are a few that I can think of right now.

  • The actual bookmark, the prettier the better
  • a receipt
  • a pen or pencil
  • a post it note
  • paper clip
  • keeping the book open and turning it face down ( makes me shudder that poor books back)

Some book lovers adore a book no matter what the genre is and some are instantly drawn to a certain one like self help for example. The most important thing is that no matter what you like to read don’t stop. Keep feeding your brain and give it entertainment, education and humour.

Leave down below what book you would recommend and what kind of book lover you are


  1. I adore books and I read them often. I can be reading a few at a time as well. Like I have paperback and hard covers and then I will read on my Kindle app with my books I get off Amazon. I love going to the library to get books and I miss going into the bookstores and we have a Half Price Bookstore that you can get lost in for hours. I love it.

    1. I love hearing how other people love books. Sometimes you just want the feel of a book, other times it’s the story itself and you don’t mind reading it on a kindle xx

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