Bullet Journal – Lets Get Started

I really wanted to do a Bullet Journal last year and then things just got in the way and the idea went out the window.

There are no excuses, none at all… I will start one in 2018…and I will make it as fabulous as I can.


So this is my bullet journal made from a clear small possibly A5 clear ring binder and a print stuck on the front from Blogger and fabulous artist Jemma Humphreys otherwise known as Dorkface. She has an Etsy shop under the same name if you want to go check her out. I’ll leave a link here actually -> DORKFACE ETSY SHOP


Inside I have 3 different types of paper…

Lined, plain and squared. I guess depending on what layout I am going for. If you aren’t into stationary or bullet journalling you’ll probably be thinking what the actual F.

I also have some brown subject dividers that I picked up from Wilko so I think I will decorate them and feature them in a later post. These will help the organisation of it and I won’t be thinking what page is that on I can just put it in sections.

Coloured gel pens and washi tape is a must if you really want to jazz it up and make it look a bit more interesting than just plain note taking. I guess if you are a creative person the designing ideas are endless. I must invest in some more washi tape as some of mine I’ve had for a few years and I fancy some interesting ones.

Make sure you test out your pens for bleeding through the paper you are using. Maybe allocate a page in your bullet journal at the back so you know which ones are safe and which ones may just ruin your pages. Nothings worse than doing a pretty design to find that you can’t do it on the next page cos its seeped through.



I am definitely going to take some ideas from this list and put it in my bullet journal. There is a set way you can do it if you look at BOHO BERRY on youtube but I like to sway away from the norm and be my own person.

So when I update you then you can see what I’ve done and I really don’t mind if you take some of my ideas from my journal and use them in yours.

Let me know below if you have a bullet journal or if you have any ideas that aren’t in the list above it’ll be interesting.

Til next time…



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