I was one of the unfortunate sods to still get spots way after puberty had been and gone and no matter what products i used over the years i was still having to find a way of covering them up with thick cakey foundation and concealer.

But the thing was it never got rid of them it just masked them.

I stumbled across the discovery after i had noticed the difference and i thought a ha thats why i have near to no spots. As i write this i have one very small one which is a definitely a huge change from the 10-15 i used to have on my cheeks and chin.

The hot weather came and so did my craving for fruit. i fancy when the weather gets better your hot food doesn’t make so much of an appearance and you opt for something quick and easy.

So here it is….


Yeah a lovely juicy watermelon.

I have it every single day of late either for breakfast with some strawberries and blueberries or as a snack mid afternoon.

Here are some alternatives that include watermelon to jazz it up i you fancy

I have found out these skin facts about watermelon

  • Its rich in Vitamin A, B12 and Vitamin C
  • It hydrates the skin leaving it looking healthy and supple
  • The vitamins in it work as anti ageing
  • It minimises pores and stops oil secretion and therefore helps skin clear up

I am not saying you will be spotless i am simply saying that its working for me and its been proven by many others.

Let me know if there are any other foods you have tried and found helps your skin.


14 thoughts on “Bye Bye Spots – Amazing Discovery

    1. I didn’t like watermelon either but I’ve grown to like it. I’m 31 with skin problems. Some people are just lucky with their skin I guess hun. Defo give it a go xxx

  1. I absolutely love watermelon so this sounds absolutely amazing to me! I’m very lucky to never really get spots x

    Kayleigh Zara πŸŒ»πŸ‚www.kayleighzaraa.com

      1. All your posts are helpful in some way or the other be it your motivational posts or such kind of informational posts. In fact this post won’t just be helpful for my cousin, I feel it’ll also reduce my usual spending for her beauty products lol

  2. I’ve always loved watermelon so this just gives me another reason to love it! Thanks for the post! x

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