A Health Update 

Because illness has become a very big part of my life. I can’t just ignore the fact that life has changed for me big time. Before I would wake up and think what can I do today? Now I wake up and the first thing I think of, are my legs. 

Since the last update I have been in hospital again. Luckily they let me home the next day, as my really good friend lent me a single bed and the occupational therapist gave us enough mobility aids to start a shop. So my bedroom is now in the living room.

My legs are in paralysis 90% of the time so they are pretty useless. So it’s from the bed to the wheelchair and then back to bed with the help of mum and a couple aids too.

It’s hard as hell, I tell you.

If you look back at my blog in July – talking about walking miles around the city before watching our musical, that was literally 2 months ago. Now I can barely walk a yard.

Most of the time I’m extremely positive,  as I think it’s better than wallowing in something that can’t be helped. There is the odd day where all I do is cry. But hey I’m only human.

Until I have an appointment come through for the specialist I just have to plod on the best I can.

All this I couldn’t do without my wonderful mum and also the brilliant support of my friends too.

It’s 2 in the morning as I’m writing this I just can’t sleep. I find writing therapeutic so I thought why not do an update.

That’s all to report on the health front.

See you in the next post


Bye Bye Spots – Amazing Discovery

I was one of the unfortunate sods to still get spots way after puberty had been and gone and no matter what products i used over the years i was still having to find a way of covering them up with thick cakey foundation and concealer.

But the thing was it never got rid of them it just masked them.

I stumbled across the discovery after i had noticed the difference and i thought a ha thats why i have near to no spots. As i write this i have one very small one which is a definitely a huge change from the 10-15 i used to have on my cheeks and chin.

The hot weather came and so did my craving for fruit. i fancy when the weather gets better your hot food doesn’t make so much of an appearance and you opt for something quick and easy.

So here it is….



Yeah a lovely juicy watermelon.

I have it every single day of late either for breakfast with some strawberries and blueberries or as a snack mid afternoon.

Here are some alternatives that include watermelon to jazz it up i you fancy

I have found out these skin facts about watermelon

  • Its rich in Vitamin A, B12 and Vitamin C
  • It hydrates the skin leaving it looking healthy and supple
  • The vitamins in it work as anti ageing 
  • It minimises pores and stops oil secretion and therefore helps skin clear up

I am not saying you will be spotless i am simply saying that its working for me and its been proven by many others. 

Let me know if there are any other foods you have tried and found helps your skin.


The Week Ahead

Well I thought I would make this post a weekly thing. Which will be a summery of last week and a look at the week ahead.

We all know things don’t always go to plan as last week I blogged every day but I was recovering in bed from swollen glands and low blood pressure but I didn’t want it to get in the way of my passion for writing. Plus it peed it down for the majority of the week so I wasn’t overly fussed. However the week did end on a happy note my brother, his partner and baby girl visited and we managed a stroll into town. Then we went to my uncles for a lush roast dinner. If you’re not from England you are seriously missing out.


So today’s Monday it’s 23 degrees which is rare for British people but long may it last that’s all I say. We are having our garden made over the best input I get to do is paint the shed a pretty colour so I’m looking forward to when I can get stuck into that. I purchased a hula hoop so it’s my new hobbie and I aim to be a pro by the end of the summer. Wishful thinking 🙂


It’s my Mums birthday Wednesday so I’m going to spoil her rotten cos she deserves it she’s something kind of wonderful and I owe her my heart she does so much for me since becoming ill and before that too.


Whatever else the week brings let’s hope it’s all positive.

Gonna go grab the sun cream as pale old me doesn’t fancy sunburn. I hope you all have a fabulous week.

Much loves 😘

DIY Self Care Box| Holzieloves Podcast #3

Ok we all do it….

We think let’s try this out and see if it interests people. So my bright idea was some self help podcasts. 

This is my 3rd week and I wanted to focus on happiness when you’re feeling a bit blue. That came in the form of getting a little creative. 

Below you can click on the link to listen only 3 short minutes. 


I will be doing one next week then I will be doing something different as I haven’t had enough people listening to make it worth while making. 

However if there is suddenly a big amount I may reconsider but I won’t hold my breath.

10 Tips For Anxiety | Holzieloves Podcast #2

Just a quick reminder…… my weekly Podcast is now up.

I wanted to do something that not only i benefit from but so many others could too. Being a sufferer with anxiety i know all the struggles and these handy tips will definitely help in times of trouble.

As  i have said before you don’t need a soundcloud account just click down below and it will take you right to me and my Anxiety Podcast.

Feedback is always appreciated.

Any topics you would like me to cover just let me know.

Be kind to your skin 

For the past couple of months I have been trying out some different products on my skin. It’s always been quite problematic and I thought why don’t I try something that is organic and kind to your skin at the same time.

So I went in search and found DELIGHT TOUCH. They specialise in not using any chemicals that you would usually find in the normal cleanser,toner and moisturisers.

Here below are the products I have been sent. This was after I discussed my skin problems so I knew I was using the correct one.

  • Organic Cucumber Cleanser with a essence of ylang ylang and orange. 
  • Organic Orange and Comfrey Toner with a essence of Neroli.
  • Organic Arctic Oat and Chia Moisturiser

My impression:

The cleanser definitely does as it says. My face was soothed by the cucumber and also cleansed of all dirt and make up. You only need a pea sized amount and I still have loads left  10/10

The toner I love how it just sprays out enough and I’m pretty sure it’s doing its job I’m just not a keen fan of the smell. I think because it’s organic and the comfrey is something I’m not used to I guess. But I still use it daily as the benefits outweigh it  8/10

The moisturiser is great to put on at night and keeps my face free from dryness I just don’t think it’s thick enough to use as a base under my makeup. I will be purchasing it again for sure  9/10

My skin has definitely changed since using a more organic skincare routine and I hope that some of you reading this may give the organic approach a go.

Wellness Wednesday: Some like it hot, Some like it cold

What’s she going to be talking about today I bet your thinking….

Well i’m going to talk about something a bit random but beneficial for all


What you get up to while you are in it is your business whether you sing in it, share it or its just a quick wash and out.

I found out some really interesting things about what happens when you take a shower a certain way.

Ok so some of you may like a steaming hot shower and this isn’t a bad thing as long as its not making you red here is what’s good about it

  1. If you are feeling a little bit anxious it can help reduce your anxiety levels
  2. if you are quite tense your body will thank you for the hot shower. it relaxes your muscles
  3. It can unclog blocked pores of toxins and can leave your skin nice and cleansed.
  4. If you’ve had a headache for ages or a blocked nose a shower will alleviate the symptoms

Then theres the cold shower….we all go no thanks but it really does help

  1. It tightens up the skin lets face it none of us fancy our skin sagging prematurely
  2. It stimulates your sluggish immune system and prevents you getting colds
  3. Reduces hair loss…men in particular take note of this one 🙂
  4. It frees up your mind and makes you more alert…cos its so cold obviously

and if you sing in the shower it reduces stress, improves your mood and motivates you so who cares if you are in tune or not it is good for your health.

If you plan on doing anything else in the shower just be careful not to slip on the soap.