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Monday Motivation 101


Its Monday, the beginning of a new week and most of us get that immediate feeling of dread of oh no its Monday. Yes it’s the end of a weekend where you probably could relax a bit more and enjoy a bit of freedom but now its the start of a brand new week and it should be exciting and not mundane.

If you have these 3 things then great if not they would be worth investing in

A collection of Sticky Notes


A Diary to keep events in etc


A Planner Pad


  • With your sticky notes write some positive affirmations on there to get you in  fabulous mood for the week ahead. No matter how silly you think they are if they are going to perk you up and make you feel good its worth it every time.
  • Keeping a diary is one of the best things you can do. Not only can you put in things that you can look forward to but also the things that have made you happy. One productive thing no matter how small should be noted. The little things can become the big things one day.
  • You can pick these planner pads up pretty cheap i think mine was £2 from Wilkos.  They are really good if you need a kick up the bum to get chores done. Kind of like a to do list but with a much better layout and looks prettier than a tatty piece of paper.


I have gathered a few motivational quotes on this slideshow especially for getting you in the mood for Mondays…You can also follow my Motivational board over on Pinterest.


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Remember it doesn’t have to be a Monday to get motivated it just helps start the week off fresh. That’s the way i look at it.


Have a fab week …


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Late night thoughts 

What do you do when you can’t sleep?

You write a blog post about whatever comes to mind and that’s exactly what I’m doing now. It’s nearly 3am and I made the mistake of taking a long ass nap this afternoon so I’m wide awake.

So I found this quote on Pinterest and thought I’d put my view on how I see it.

  • I’ve lived for the weekends at the nightclub in my late teens & early 20s.Then I grew up.
  • I’ve loved many people in different ways and some I still cherish very much.
  • I’ve lost friendships I thought were dear and loved ones sadly no longer here anymore.
  • I’ve missed the fun times I should have been having with my dear Daddy instead he is suffering with dementia.
  •  I’ve hurt from the ones that broke my heart and the feelings I let get to me too much.
  • I’ve trusted those who I thought I would always be able to depend on.
  • I’ve made mistakes, plenty in fact and they’ve made me who I am today.

I guess all the bumps in the road of life is a learning curve and life won’t ever come easy.

I am who I am today because of this and I wouldn’t have it any other way as life would be pretty boring if it was plain sailing.

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Pastel French Manicure

Summer months call for summer nails so that’s what i decided on at the weekend and here is what i used to achieve the look i finished up with.


– Summer Sling

– Pink flamingo

– Mint cooler

All from Boots Seventeen range and i think it was on a 3 for 2 offer at the time too.


Since i only had 3 colours and 5 fingers i had to try and decide how to make it look effective and this was what i went for.

For the tips i used different brands as i just made do with what i already had.

– Emerald Tropic (Seventeen)

– Pump up the purple (Rimmel)

– Kiss me on my tulips (O.P.I)


Here you go my  Pastel French Manicure with my Primark plant modelling too.

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What a year it’s been

I am so Happy to say it’s been one whole year of blogging on HOLZIELOVES.CO.UK

On the 4th of June 2016 I decided that my love of writing had to be put to good use or at least my thoughts out of my head and on paper or in this case the blogging world.

I have had so much fun along the way touching on subjects that I never thought people would be interested in .Here are a couple that took a bit of courage to write. You can take a nosey if you like.


I often sit on my bed with headphones in and legs crossed getting myself in the zone of focusing on what I want to write. I find music helps me loads to get my creative head on.

I actually pretty much blog anywhere and yes this is a true representation of me. When i have an idea i get my laptop out prop it up wherever and type away. Snacks sometimes come before pants when you got the idea you just gotta put it down before it goes.

I am not going to lie there has been times when i have tried to write something and as i read it back its as if its in a different language and my brain is fried so i take a step back for a week or so. But i know that my followers will still be here when i return and its always such a friendly atmosphere too.

I can’t wait to see what else is to come with my blog for the year ahead.

I thank everyone that has joined me on this fantastic journey so far and long may it continue.

Much loves xxx

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Currently loving: May Edition

Its the last day of May so i thought i would do the same as last month and do a currently loving.

So without further ado here is a nosey at whats made me happy during May.



Tequila and teabags is a new read for me but i can tell its going to be a fav for sure it has been written so relatable to many twenty somethings facing life changing choices its a story not a self help book i can’t wait to find out what happens.


i am absolutely loving YouTube and  these three totally different girls are the videos i’m binge watching at the moment.

2017-05-31 (1)
2017-05-31 (2)
2017-05-31 (3)


You guessed it i have a chocolate favourite again. its not going to be one for much longer as i’ve over indulged this month and put on 4 pounds. So next months WILL NOT be chocolate. But these are so bloody yummy and i’ve always been a fan of Turkish Delights.



As you know i love to write in any form and i wrote a poem for my mums birthday and this was it, may i add she cried. Bless her.



i haven’t found anything so pretty and comfy at the same time until now i have a pair of pom pom sandals from Primark of all places and for £10 i wish they did this style if shoe in every colour my feet felt so supportive.


Listening to…

I have always loved Miley Cyrus ever since Hannah Montana and when i heard her new song i was like yes the old Miley is back and she hasn’t failed to impress. It’s beautiful.

Click on pic to listen on YouTube its been listened to 98,000,000 times. Not all by me 🙂

Quote of the month…
This has to be one of the most touching quotes to a creative soul like myself and many of you of course from the legendary Robin Williams.


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Bloody Hell: My first period nightmare 

Let’s rewind all the way back to the year of 1996 when little me was in my last year of junior school age 11.

It was a Sunday night so my usual routine was watch Bullseye have a bath and hair wash and go to bed. However Mum had decided to go to bingo so Dad was left in charge. I was left to get on with washing my hair then I got out the bath reached for the yellow towel wiped myself and screamed….I had turned it partially red.

“Daddy Daddy I’m dying”

So dad came to the rescue… well kind of.  He goes “ahhh these things happen at your age where does Mum keep the panty things”  “I’m a girl Dad not a lady and mum had a hysterectomy years ago, she doesn’t have a period anymore.” So it was make do and mend til mum came home about half an hour later. Mobiles weren’t about then to ring to tell her I was in distress. So while mum was shouting house at bingo I was bleeding and right there and then I knew that not everything that bled would be fixed with a plaster. A load of rolled up toilet roll had to do overnight.

Early in the morning Mum had whipped to the shop just down the road as soon as they opened to get me some Bodyform pads and then she explained what to do and how often to change them and sent me off to school with a note for my teacher. As lovely as my teacher was she left my letter on her desk for all to read. Of course it had to be a boy who read it and before I knew it was ‘Hollys got her period’ was spread all around the class. How bloody embarrassing. (Excuse the pun.) We hadn’t even had sex education at that point so over the next few days one of the support teachers took me under her wing and taught me a bit more about it.

I remember getting up from assembly off the floor running to the toilet and crying my eyes out as I thought I was bleeding to death as it was all in the toilet. I was too young to understand but it made me grow up so quickly.

I’ve been bleeding for 20 years now (monthly not non stop) and to look back and think of how it all started is quite scary but I love to have a period as I know my reproductive system is working. I say love… I yearn for it to come as I hate the hormonal stage and as soon as it comes I can’t wait for it to go.

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The Week Ahead

Looking back on the week we just had…

On Tuesday I took Mum out for a meal as she had to work all day on her birthday Wednesday. The diet went out the window as we made little piggies of ourselves. It was lovely and then we walked home which hopefully burnt off the yummy banoffee cheesecake.

On the hottest day (Friday) i suggested to Mum it was too nice to stay in or around our neck of the woods and maybe we should jump on the bus and go shopping. We came back with some lovely things. 2 baths were definitely needed to cool down when we got home.

The weekend was quiet apart from the enormous thunderstorm early hours of sat mornings.

This week I don’t really have anything planned so I’m going to see where it takes me and report back. I hope you all have a fantastic week 🌸