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This is not too festive but it’s wintery so let me off.

This is what kind of outfit I would wear if it wasn’t so damn cold outside this winter.

I’m yet to get myself a pink Teddy coat but really would like one – also one that didn’t cost the earth.

I have actually ordered myself a hooded jumper dress from boohoo so fingers crossed it looks lush.

A nice chunky boot as I can’t walk in heels and I own a few wedge boots so these look different. Hoping to buy these after Christmas.

A plaid scarf never goes out of fashion. I’ve had mine for a few years and wear them every winter.

Love a bobble hat and have this exact one it was a Primark special.

Though today I am sporting a Christmas Jumper just to get the wear out of it.



This Christmas poem i wrote 4 years ago and I share it every year.

‘Christmas is coming

Everybody’s going mad

Spending hours shopping to see what bargins there are to be had

Stuff it I can’t afford it I’ll put it on the plastic card,

Knowing that in the new year problems with money will come and hit them hard

It’s great to see on Christmas Day

Your family smile and cheer

That all that effort just for one day

Is well and truly here

The food is on the table,

Each plate is piled up high,

Lunch has cost a fortune

You can’t help but lie

The day is finally over,

Now all you want to do is cry

Instead you reach for the mulled wine

and a good old mince pie.

New year arrives,

Your credit card bill comes in the post

You nearly can’t bring yourself to open it,

The thing you really have been dreading the most.

Money is very tight,

The repayments are today

You pay the bare minimum,

The electric bill is in sight.

Thinking you don’t know if you can afford to have a little light.

Taking you back to that shopping trip

Where you went completely mad

Here’s some advice so take it

If you don’t you’ll wish you had

Your family and friends will love you

Whether you spent money on them or not

Don’t try and keep up with the Jones’

Just be there at Christmas and remember to smile a lot.

Hope you all get the jist of the poem

and pray that if you are reading this

It doesn’t describe you ‘



A winter pampering

– Put the fake fire video on unless you are lucky enough to have an open flame fire.

– Grab all your pampering bits

-play a festive playlist

– put your face mask on and get in a bath filled with bubbles or your favourite Christmas bath bomb

– After you’ve removed your mask, pour yourself a bit of your favourite tipple or a hot choccie.

– Plaster your feet with some moisturiser put some socks on so you don’t slide about

– Put on your favourite Christmas film

– Grab a tub of chocs or a mince pie and enjoy

– While you’re relaxing feel free to paint your nails. I think red, green, silver or gold are the best colours this time of year and if course a little glitter.

What else would you include in your winter pamper?


🎅🏼 Dear Santa,

I haven’t wrote to you in a while, I’m sorry. This time I’m not asking for much not like other years when I wanted half the Argos catalogue.

I can guarantee you it won’t cost you a penny and it’s as light as a feather so would be easy to deliver.
I don’t know where to start but I guess I’ll start right here.

Since last Christmas I have been rather under the weather. Spending time in hospital living the unknown. I didn’t ask for any of it but this I wanted to ask.

Please on Christmas Day or at the stroke of 12 for new year. Can you please bringbetter health, a permanent smile and the love of my life if you can find them.

I hope it’s not too much to wish for but I really think I deserve it. Plus I’ve been super good ( well 90%).So will say this to you in advance

Many thanks

Holly 🎅🏼


These are my top 4 films I enjoy watching at Christmas which also give me nostalgic vibes.


This time of year Gremlins is either on prime or Netflix or if you’re lucky on normal TV. Think I was about 7 or 8 when I first watched it and being scared shitless for at least 6 months that one would be living somewhere in the house. Gizmo was super cute though.

The Snowman

I think since I was little I have watched The Snowman every Christmas. Its like a tradition now. I remember wishing that when we ever got snow the snowmen we made would go ‘walking in the air’ with us too. One was hoping 🙈

Love Actually

Well actually I enjoy this film all year round. But it has a Christmas theme to it. There’s comedy, romance and eye candy. What else could you ask for in a film.

The Lion, Witch and the Wardrobe

Wow I love thinking of how magical this film was. We always tried to get to Narnia via mums walk in wardrobe but it never happened so it was playing make believe for us. My favourite characters in the film were Mr Tumnus, Edmund and Aslan the Lion. There was when I was younger the cartoon version before they made the chronicles of Narnia both amazing and mesmerising to watch.

What are your favourites?


Christmas is the one time of year you can pig out on whatever you want and not feel guilty about it… OK only if you can’t fit into any of your clothes after.

So I was thinking what makes my Christmas when it comes to food.

Out of all the chocolates in celebrations the Malteser has to be my fave. If I’ve been near the tub first you’ll be lucky to see any.

I haven’t always loved mince pies only since I’ve got older. I appreciate a homemade one because someone’s took their time to make it and aren’t mass produced. But then again give me a Mr kipling one any day too. Indecisive me 😂

I am the weirdo in my family who loves sprouts, not just at Christmas, literally anytime. Best vegetable ever.

Sorry to any vegetarians but this makes my Christmas when I see it on my plate. I don’t like the cranberry sauce some have with it, just lashings of gravy.

Pigs in blankets. Yes please. Nothing more needs to be said.

Say cheese… I am a cheeseaholic anyway but love it at my aunties when the cheese board comes out. My eyes light up.

Tried stollen last year and bloody loved it, its just what the best dreams are made of… Dunno what’s in it but it gets a 10 from me.

So there you go some of my favourite foods to tuck into this time of year.

What do you love getting your teeth into?


We are on day 12, half way there.

I thought this would just be fun wrack your brain kind of post so here goes with my A to Z of Christmas


Why not give this a go and see what you can come up with.

Feel free to tag me in it if you do.