Celebrating a birthday in lockdown

Well well…

My birthday is not for a few months yet but it was someone else’s in the household this bank holiday weekend, my Mumma.

You can’t go gallivanting off to the places you want to. You have to make it as special as you can.

Here is how me and the family helped mum celebrate hers…quarantine style

1. I sung her Happy Birthday at midnight via a voice message

2. My auntie played Happy Birthday on the ukulele on the phone to her

3. We had a cream tea, mums favourite. They were delivered from my brother by courier the day before.

4. I made a video of all her friends who sent videos to me wishing her a Happy Birthday. She bawled.

5. My brother who Mum has only seen on facetime since lockdown surprised her by being at the back gate. Her face was a picture.

7. We played our Alexa with all Mums favourite songs

8. I bought mum some lights for the back garden and a neighbour gave us some folded seats they no longer wanted.

9. When it got dark we took her Jack Daniels and my Archers and lemonade and enjoyed our pretty garden and reminisced.

10. We watched Pretty Woman. One of Mums favorite films.

The words I wanted to hear Mum said just before bed…

“I’ve had a wonderful day “

That was my aim.

Smiled from start to finish 🙂


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