You know last month
The guy i told you i was going to stop being in contact with because he wasn’t making me feel special…silly me thought if i just hang on a little longer he may change.

Yesterday evening i sent him a message that i deserve better but thanks for the laughs because theres no denying that we were always laughing. I didn’t get a reply or anything. So today i done the done thing and blocked him.

I am not a shallow person by any means but it’ll stop it all together. I deserve someone who sees my flaws and takes me just as i am, and puts in the effort that he just didn’t. It was a one sided kinda thing. I should have known that he was not the one as the months went by but 6 months and not even asking me to be his girl…i think i just liked the little attention he did pay me.

What’s that saying there’s plenty more fish in the sea. I guess having a disability i think who’s gonna want me in a wheelchair with all my other added problems…i think i have my answer, The right one.


  1. I don’t get what it is with some people but it’s like they don’t know how to communicate. Even if they don’t have much time to talk or you don’t talk every day a heads up is better than going days or weeks with nothing and getting paranoid you did something wrong, 99% of the time it’s the other person not you. I get some people can’t be bothered and you’re better off talking and spending time with people who give you reciprocal effort x

    1. I guess i was just hoping for something that was there in the beginning to carry on. Never mind, this is a learning curve not to do it again xxx

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