I love Instagram as much as the next person but what I really can’t stand is when someone compares themselves to an instagram feed. After all it’s a bunch of somebody else’s pictures they’ve uploaded – maybe edited them to their liking and to fit in with their theme.

You may know this instagrammer personally or you may not of even met. Either way please do not compare yourself to someone else’s life. Whether that’s how it is or that’s how they want to portray it. You have your own life and own mind and your own feed to post real things that make you happy to look back at.

I would rather people who visited my instagram were left with a warm feeling of how one of my pictures helped them in some way – i love to write a little positivity with my pictures or a funny story.

Don’t be a sheep and follow be a flamingo. Stand tall and stand out because of just being you.

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6 thoughts on “Don’t let Instagram define who you are

  1. I agree Holly! I use Instagram to be positive and if people follow along and like what I post then that’s cool, I don’t use it as a competition to see how many followers I can get or stick to a certain theme to make my pictures look more pleasing. I don’t really like themed accounts as 90% of photos look the same and the same props pop up in every second or third photo. Instagram is where I feel I can be the most ‘me’ and it’s probably my favourite social media, I don’t care much for Facebook and Twitter I don’t use as much as I used to x

    1. I love your Instagram simply for what you have written above. It’s not like anyone else’s. Those who have a theme its up to them but I’m about being individual and stand out for the right reasons xxx

      1. Yes and I much prefer seeing a glimpse into people’s real life (if they’re willing to share) and getting to know more about them as people 🙂 x

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