Dream it, Wish it, Do it

I bet there are things in life that you think if only… like a dream/wish you had and you wish it would come true.

Do you ever just have it as a thought and do nothing with it or do you yearn over it and put every effort into making it a reality?

My advice is this:

You were given this life so go live it, whatever your heart desires, whatever you dream of is NEVER out of reach. If you can’t stop thinking about it then its meant to be in your life so go for it. Grab it with both hands and if you fall upon the way get back up and carry on chasing that dream and make it happen.

There was once a little girl, who would sit in the hairdressers while her mum had her hair done with a pad in hand – writing her little heart out. Back then she wished she could write a book one day, one that someone would actually buy.

That little girl was me.

I did achieve my dream – I published a book last year and to tick off one of my accomplishments feels magical.

So don’t give up on your dreams, and when you make a wish blowing out the candles on your Birthday cake don’t just leave it be, if it doesn’t happen when you want it to then you know what you got to do.


Click here if you’d wish to read my book… it would mean a lot to me.

Right, I’m off for my chippy tea.

Laters my dreamers



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