I wouldn’t have said it was Fabulous Friday at the start of the day which was 6am which was NOT my choice of time to be awake. Why do I have those dreams that just wake you up abruptly and then can’t get back to sleep – it happens to me on a regular basis. I was in a hump because I hadn’t had sufficient sleep so off I went to grab my cornflakes and from there its been quite good and we are just after midday. I think there was some happiness in the sugar.


If you know me you know I love my music. I haven’t had a peak on the discover weekly playlist on Spotify I totally forgot it was on there so when I clicked on it I thought lets rack it up on my Bluetooth speaker. I love pretty much every song and its got me singing.

I also received a call this morning, to the news I have been waiting for. I am going to be able to go back upstairs as we are having a stairlift put in. Its been a long time coming and I am so grateful to my friend for lending me her single bed that I have been sleeping on in the living room since the end of August. You can imagine I am soooo happy it’s like all my Christmases have come at once. I am currently thinking how to make it feel homely so I’m on Pinterest for inspo then it’s making a long list of what to buy.


Me and my mum are going to look after my niece Daisy tonight. She is at that age where she can’t hold a conversation but she is very knowing and very funny. She makes me smile so much as all my nieces and nephews do. Being an auntie is one of the best things in the world, plus you get to give them back. Looking forward to a fun-filled Friday night.

Best go our lift will be here shortly

Thanks for reading

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