We are two months down into 2020. To be fair Feb has seemed shorter than Jan because it is.


You guessed it another wig… Heat resistant and blonde and only £12. I wish the windy weather could bugger off so I can wear it without thinking its going to blow away.

The pink jumper is a newbie too courtesy of ASOS sale. It’s cropped but just the perfect size for me.

Being a stationery addict I love new finds and I stumbled across these fountain pens in different colours. I only owned a black one so I was like these are well cheap I want some. The only downside is they are non refillable.


When the boyf comes over we kind of find ourselves going to McDonalds at some point over the weekend. I have been opting for these mozzarella sticks. Before trying these I’d never eaten that type of cheese. They are bloody nice.

While in wilkos the other day I was just looking for a little bit of choc to nibble on for the journey home and these were there smiling at me, so I thought I’d be friendly and take them on. They are different to any m and m varieties I’ve ever tried but I’d definitely buy them again if we crossed paths again.


This album will never get old even though the film is 20 years old…that makes me feel well old saying it like that 🙈

It just so happens that ITV2 showed it at the weekend so I was a happy Hol.


I have been loving watching this series on BBC Iplayer called The Split about a divorce lawyer who happens to fall in love with her co worker despite being married herself. It’s a must watch.

I watched Coming to America with Eddie Murphy back in the 1980s. Thought it was odd at the beginning but then as I got into it a bit it was so funny.

Then there was a film called You get me with Bella Thorne as the lead. It was a psychological thriller, made you think what’s she going to do next. It’s 3 years old so I expect some of you may have already been it.


Spending time with my family, the boyf and being able to do a spot of shopping.

When you don’t have to put on any front or any make up if you don’t want and they’ll think you’re wonderful all the same.

What made your February fabulous?


  1. That wig really suits you! I’ve felt an urge to get a light purple wig (with a fringe) lately but I have no idea where I’d find what I have in mind. I know I’d regret it if I dyed my hair the colour so I figure a wig would be a safer bet 😂 My sister loves those mozzarella sticks! God I wish I could have cheese, then I’d be all over them. I love M&M’s but am yet to try those ones, I usually put them on my popcorn in the cinema 🤤 The moments you cherished during the month sound lovely ✨ Getting Krispy Kreme donuts made my month! It was a long journey to get there but they were worth it 💕

    1. Try amazon for the wigs, or Ebay. It’s lush being able to swap colours without touching my own hair. Let me know when you buy the m and m salted caramel. Mum bought me a pack today to cheer me up. I’ve never had a Krispy Kreme but they sound delicious 😋 xxx

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