The fact it’s Friday is enough to make you feel good.

The weekend is upon us but in lockdown what can we do to make us feel good?

To start with we need to appreciate that we are lucky to get the chance to wake up to another weekend – gratitude.

Next is decide over breakfast what you/the rest of the household do for that day. We all know that we made it through 3 months of lockdown which is 12 weekends, so 4 weekends should be a piece of cake.

They allow you one hour of exercise outside a day so its a good idea to fit that in somewhere.

Do you have some decluttering that you could be doing, we secretly all are hoarders of something or another. For me it’s stationery. Having a clean house/space makes you have a clearer mind.

Catching up on some recordings of your favourite programmes of the moment. Mine swap and change. Alternatively hop on social media and keep in touch with your friends…or squeeze in both. Its good to keep your mind happy at all times.

If you have some baking ingredients to hand then make a cake. If not then grab your favourite snack/drink and enjoy it. Not everyone is into baking but everyone pretty much is into eating for enjoyment.

Getting yourself comfortable and then finding yourself a book, whether its one you can get lost in or one that can help you grow in form of a self help book. Spend as much time as you like, its your time after all and try not to start 2 or 3 books and not finish them. I’ve done that before then lost interest in the book to start from where I was again.

Put on some music… make yourself playlists, I think there’s something therapeutic about that. Stepping back in time with songs you once adored, and can now fall in love with them all over again. If you feel like dancing please do. Its a feel good thing to do and nobodys judging you on your moves.

So there’s a few things that you can do to help you get through a day over the weekend when you aren’t working your socks off.

That’s all from me this frosty Friday

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