Today we can say we have some summer sun even though it’s not technically summer until the 21st June.

If you live in England you will probably agree with me it’s bloody hot. Normally we toy with the idea of wrapping ourselves up in blankets or briefly putting the heating on but the weather man is being good to us.

I somehow got the pale gene so I have to be a tad bit careful when exposing myself to that glorious sun. If only I could go starkers  in my secluded back garden.

Beach days are something to look forward to and my little niece is growing up fast so sandcastles and a baby splash in the sea is definitely worth taking my camera and maybe there will be some talent too. Shouldn’t take pics of them just observe.

I will definitely be doing some more summer posts just thought I’d write a quick one today.

Look after yourself in the sun, keep protected and please don’t look like a lobster it’s not an attractive look and you’ll hurt like a bitch 😁


  1. Here in the U.S.(southern east part), we have some unusually cold weather. It has been pretty hot for the past few weeks, but some rain cooled it down. I just want the warm weather back haha. I love beach days too. I haven’t gone yet, and I can’t wait!

    1. Maybe you’re having our usually pants weather. Looking ahead I don’t think our sun is staying too long. Beach days are the best I agree. Shame it’s not on my doorstep more like a hours drive xxx

  2. The weather the last couple of days has been so hot!! I am loving the weather, although I do like it when the sun is out and it is really hot, but also has a little breeze to it too! it is meant to rain next week, enjoy it while you can 🙂 Also, I forgot sun cream today so I got burnt lol

    1. I hear we are meant to have a thunderstorm tonight I dunno if we will though. Ouchy I hope you got some aftersun. I went shopping today so didn’t get any sun really xxx

    1. Of course I’d be up for it I haven’t done anything like that before only a few tags. I’ll go check it out now. I hate thunder or is it the lightning 🙈 it’s a phobia I need to overcome as watching it’s supposed to be so pretty xxx

      1. Good I am glad! I swear as I am typing this I can actually hear noises in the sky lool 🙂 hopefully you will be fine tonight xxx

      2. Apparently it’ll be down south by midnight. Eye mask at the ready ha ha oh and good old Spotify 😁 xxx

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