I’m feeling a little festive today now we are well into December apart from we can’t get to our decorations in the loft so that’s that…. so I’ve had some Christmas music on and this one is a favourite.

I don’t see the point this year getting another Christmas jumper so this is last years. About the only red thing in my wardrobe as I don’t think the colour suits me.

There are so many Christmas films on every streaming provider. The one I like to watch in December, well any time of year…is Love Actually. Its just such a classic. Excuse the swearing but I love this bit at the beginning of the film.

My two things that I’m looking forward to at Christmas lunch other than wearing my Christmas hat like a queen is Turkey and sprouts. I know you can have it on any roast but it just feels more special at Christmas.

Lastly today I thought I’d finish with a quote that describes what it’s like today.

Hope you’re getting in the festive mood.


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